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Terrier is a type of dog originally bred to hunt vermin. A terrier is a dog of any one of many breeds or landraces of the terrier type, which are typically small, wiry, game, and fearless. Terrier breeds vary greatly in size from just 1 kg to over 32 kg and are usually categorized by size or function.

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Flat Coated, Retrievers , Aussies

This is a full hair cut service for an all over cut or and standard outline trim. Prices Vary.

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Toy Sized Groom

Toy dog traditionally refers to a very small dog or a grouping of small and very small breeds of dog. A toy dog may be of any of various dog types. Types of dogs referred to as toy dogs may include spaniels, pinschers and terriers that have been bred down in size. Not all toy dogs are lapdogs

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A spaniel is a type of gun dog. Spaniels were especially bred to flush game out of denser brush. By the late 17th century, spaniels had been specialized into water and land breeds.

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Bearded Collie

$75 · 3 hours 30 minutes


Start off with hand stripping during the puppy years for your terriers or spaniels. We hand pluck the hair, which eventually blends into a natural pattern. Dogs must be introduced as puppies and raised with this style of grooming. Not all dogs will tolerate it.

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Feet & Nail

Nail Trim or Grind with ear cleaning add teeth for 5$ Included with grooming *

$20 · 10 minutes


Basic wash, dry & brush out. Includes: nail trimming and ear cleaning.

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Puppy 8 weeks-6 months

We take it slow, please call for details Full cuts start after 2nd or 3rd visit price varies per groomer

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Toy Sized Groom

Size similar to Yorkies, Maltese & Poodles, Schnauzers, Small Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians. Whether a full puppy cut or a fluffing trim up, we will provide an express service including: nail trimming, conditioning & desired haircut after a fresh scrub in the tub!

55-65 $55 · 2 hours


All Doodles are subject to varied pricing based off of breeding sizes & coat texture.

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Giant Breeds

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Standard Sized Groom

Size similar to Long Haired Retrievers, Shepards, Huskys Large Terriers Let us fluff your pooch up! We will provide an express service including: nail trimming, conditioning & desired haircut after a fresh scrub in the tub!

68-78 $75 · 2 hours

Bath & Fluff

Hi I'm Kristina! I have two Aussies and I love washing and assisting here at The Paw Wash! I can do shed treatments, brush outs, pad and nail trimming! We have an assortment of skin and coat remedies for your pet! Teethbrushing and breath spritz included!

Bath & Nails

Hi I’m Haley I do bath and nail trims only!


I'm Kayleigh! Let me transform your fuzzy pup into a luxurious pooch!




Hi! I'm Maddie! I love being a part of The Paw Wash family! Please book your fuzzy fur kids with me! Please make sure to notify us of any giant bred dogs. The bath service is different than the grooming services and we highly suggest not clipping double coats short.

Perry Quigley

I´m Perry! I´ve been grooming for about my whole life! 27 years young and I love riding horses, playing my trumpet and running my business! Chow Chows are probably my favorite dog breed, but I love grooming with all sorts of dogs and animals. My favorite color/animal is blue/ dolphins.. Give me a try, I promise not to disappoint!


I'm the most familiar face around the shop! My dog Sydney is obviously my favorite pup around, but The Paw Wash is my family! Book with me! I love grooming doodles, terriers & Shepards!


Hey everyone it's Taryn!!! I've been grooming almost 15 years, I love my Wheaten Terrier "Sprocket" My favorite dogs to groom are Poodle mixes, Terriers and Retrievers!



Self Wash & Nail ONLY