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Haircut (Kids 8-15)

This is for a kid鈥檚 haircut only Age is strictly enforced

$20 路 45 minutes

Haircut (Adult 16+) No Beard (eyebrows included)

Just a haircut w/ edge up (Fade,Taper, Etc.) Eyebrows included

$30 路 1 hour

Haircut w/ beard 馃 (eyebrows included)

Eyebrows included

$40 路 1 hour

Edge up (eyebrows included)

$15 路 30 minutes

Edge up w/ beard (eyebrows included)

$20 路 30 minutes

Beard trim

Clean up of beard and lining it up.

$20 路 30 minutes


$10 路 30 minutes


Larry Fitoria