Dear valued customers, unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently not taking any In-Person Production work. We may, however, be able to refer you to someone who is. Please feel free to message us for more information. We are currently taking Editing and Project Consultations for upcoming 2021 Projects and Events. If you would like to discuss further details or need assistance booking appointments, please do not hesitate to call or email us. This is a difficult time for our business, so we thank you for your patience and support. Thank you, and stay safe!

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Initial Project Consultation

This is the first step to any project we take on! During the Initial Client Consultation, we will review the project's current scope, plan, any footage or project files already created, project expectations, delivery dates, and answer any further questions you may have. Book your Initial Project Consultation today!

Starts at $300 · 3 hours


Do you have footage that needs editing for content, a commercial, or a client? Maybe you have a project that is half done and needs someone to help you complete it? We can help! Book us for an Initial Project Consultation, and the number of days that may initially be needed to complete your project. We'll review the project with you and see where we can help!

5 hours

Emergency Editing

Have an edit that needs to get done with a quick turn around? We can help! Please feel free to book us via this site, or send us a message with "URGENT" in the title if the turnaround is closer than you are currently able to schedule, and we will make sure someone reaches out to you as quickly as possible.

5 hours

Client Project Brief

In the Project Brief, we take what we have learned from our Initial Project Consultation, and our effort to meet your criteria and expectations, and present our current working model of your project and how it fits with your current plan. We then take the time to review every adjustment and concern had during the Client Project Brief and create actionable items to move forward with the following iteration of your project, getting us one step closer to the final version of your project.

$450 · 3 hours

Color Grade

Color Grading comes after Color Correction. This is where we add a visual style to your footage, and make sure that this style works well with the colors across the project. This helps increases the production value of your footage, and gives your project its own style and tone.

3 hours

Audio Editing and Balancing

Balancing audio tracks and adding effects to your audio, helps create a larger impact on how your audience experiences your project. True for live events, and digital projects.

3 hours

Color Correction

Color Correction is the process by which we adjust the colors of your footage to balance the white and black values, as well as tones of colors, giving a cohesive look to your footage. This must be purchased if you would like to have your footage Color Graded (please see details of this service for more information.

3 hours

Client Review Session’s

The Client Review Session is booked on a need basis. You may only book up to 2 maximum. 1 free session is included in any editing purchased. These are extra review sessions for edits being made, and client notes/ changes are being requested.

$250 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Social Media Distribution Strategy

Do you have a plan for distributing the content you have just created? Will you be posting it to multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube? Will you be tailoring your release to a particular audience? There are different strategies for Commercials, Exclusive Social Media Content releases, and sharing your work with your audience. We can help with a distribution plan, web copy, captions, and recommendations to get the most out of your project's reach! Book an Initial Project Consultation today to get started!

4 hours 30 minutes

Event Planning

Need help planning an upcoming event? Whether it's planning an upcoming socially distanced event, or planning for an event in the future. We can help you plan ahead for any Audio/Visual needs as well as, how your attendees experience your event from bigging to end. Schedule an Initial Project Consultation today to get started!

3 hours 30 minutes

Live Event Consultation (AV and Event Management)

This service is meant for any event who would like to discuss their Audio/Visual needs for an upcoming event. This may include equipment needs, labor, and plans for execution. Please feel free to contact us with any particular questions you my have!

$650 · 5 hours

Daniel Corona

10 years of experience in multimedia productions (Photography, Video, Animation, Live Broadcast Events). Established D. Corona Originals in 2016, marking the year Daniel became a filmmaker full time. Starting off filming and editing the Cayla Jordan TV Baking Show on Youtube, making over 50 episodes a year. Since 2016, Daniel has filmed projects with world-class chefs, high-end bars, and restaurants in San Diego, and has worked with highly talented credited filmmakers, visual effects artists, and industry creatives from Lucas Films and Hollywood, gaining fundamental knowledge of the production world and learning multiple production skillsets along the way. Most recently, Daniel has filmed off-road adventure shows, commercials, conferences, and content for large corporate businesses in the San Francisco Bay area, and has set up, and managed live broadcast events as an Audio Visual Technician, Show Operator, Technical Director, and Sales Manager at The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.