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One On One Yoga Class

I love cultivating YOUR balance, rhythm, strength and stability. By getting in a classroom with me for a one on one session, we’ll look to teach you a variety of techniques exercised by Yogis and practitioners alike. From posture (asana) to breathing techniques (pranayama) to meditation (dhyana and dhurana), we can dive into the intricacies (like anatomical / spiritual equivalencies) with a one on one session. It matters not your experience level. I'll teach you grounding techniques, meditation techniques, and more. Normally, we'd prefer to be in a studio setting, however, arrangements can be made to where the one on one session is done in-home, in various environments, or any other studio. Let's get you 'FLY''ing!

Varies On Session · 1 hour 15 minutes

‘FLY’ Nutrition Consultation + Action Plan

Cost: $120 - Two Sessions - One Hour Sessions Here, we’ll look at habits, attitudes, beliefs and temperaments and assess what is already working from life for the client. Once an understanding is built for the client within the hour consultation, we’ll establish goals, provide tools for meeting those goals, and provide assistance such as nutrition plans and recommended buying at the grocery stores within an action plan. The action plan will be delivered before the 2nd consultation. Through the knowledge of the coach, we’ll enable the client to be self sufficient in a toxic world by having a structured meal/exercise plan.

2 hours

Group Led Classes

Cost: $20 per participant Session (Min. 4 Participants) Length: One Hour and a Half. Group led instructed classes focusing on communion and unity through chanting (mantra), unified asana sequences and sealed with savasana / meditation . Mostly vinyasa/restorative based.

Price Varies · 1 hour 30 minutes

‘FLY’ One On One Mind Body Wellness Consultatation

Cost: $90 a Session Session Length: One Hour and a Half At ‘FLY’, your objective could range from how to eat better with a limited budget, to understanding the complexities of a press handstand. We seek to support you wherever you're at in your journey. In my first ten minutes with you for this service, we'll establish your personal goals and objectives. From here, I'll support you as we aim to achieve that goal. As I tend to be more practical, this one on one consultation is better suited for a spiritual setting such as a studio and is normally accompanied with a meditation. For the entire hour and a half, I'll be your personal coach, instructor, and medium.

Price Varies $90 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Lance Thompson