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Initial Consultation and Acu Treatment

Comprehensive health history evaluation, symptoms analysis and diagnosis. Also, a customized treatment plan, and first acupuncture treatment.

$250 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Acupuncture 10 Pack - NYC

38% OFF regular rate for 10 Acupuncture sessions. $1100 for 10 sessions makes each session only $110; a $650 savings.

$1,100 · 1 hour

Acupuncture Treatment

Evaluation of previous treatments, prognosis assessment, and a customized follow up acupuncture treatment. May include additional modalities such as cupping, gua-sha, moxibustion, or manual therapy.

$175 · 1 hour

60 min Therapeutic Massage

A customized 60 minute massage that integrates multiple modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tuina, Thai, and Shiatsu to provide optimal manipulation of muscle tissues and achieve muscular re-education, postural modification, and increased range of motion.

$200 · 1 hour

Phone Consultation

Phone or Tele-health Consultation to discuss your current health status and recommend an appropriate DYI remedy for the time being.

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