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Chef Woo Can introduces the Dim Sum Food Tour.
Dim Sum is authentic Chinese brunch (Chinese Tapas) consisting of varieties of tapas, small portions of various types of dumplings.
This arrangement where ladies push their Dim Sum carts for your choosing. From steamed, fried, braised to stir fry small portions enabling you to order a lot of varieties.
Chicken, beef, seafood and special delicious Chinese vegetables are ingredients used in these masterpieces.
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Chef Woo Can Dim Sum Food Tours
Tired of the same Chinese American Food? Well, Chef Woo Can will be your host to a fabulous Chinese Authentic Brunch called Dim Sum. Ladies push their dumpling carts and offer your a variety of Chinese Tapas ranging from steamed bows, fried, braised and steamed dumplings in chicken, beef, seafood. Authentic crispy noodles fresh seafood, delicious Asian vegetables. I will give you a brief history of Dim Sum, introduce foods that you never had before. So, come hungry and be prepared for an interesting adventure. Not for the faint at heart but for a true foodies that's up for the challenge. Schedule a private appointment.

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