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Following your haircut enjoy a relaxing hair wash in our massage chair. This service includes one aromatherapy steamed towel on your face during the wash. If wanting a Fade or specialty cut please also select the add on option to extend the service time.

$10 · 5 minutes

After Hours-After 5-All day Wed/Sat

Select if requesting Haircuts After 5pm or anytime Wed & Sat -$25 additional charge. Please be aware of the date and times you are booking.

$25 · 5 minutes

Long hair add on

past the chin/extra thick

$14 · 10 minutes

Modern/fade add on

$10 · 30 minutes

Wash & Scalp Treatment w/Massage

After your haircut enjoy a relaxing hair wash treatment with our Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Scalp Treatment. This treatment includes an invigorating scalp massage and 2 steamed towels infused with aromatherapy.

$15 · 10 minutes

Gentlemen's Agreement

Starting at $72 -additional $5-$10 charge for detailed/custom cuts, fades, all over scissor & longer hair. Our Gentlemen's Agreement is our most relaxing experience. This service includes a haircut, shampoo, and scalp massage with our aromatherapy steamed face towels. We then finish with our Jack Black facial cleanser and moisturizer.

Starting At $72 · 55 minutes

Longer Cut /3+ Months of Growth

Hair that is currently on/covering the ears or longer/Scissor cuts. Hair that is more than 3 months of growth. Wash not included with this selection.

$50 · 40 minutes

Skin Fade/Taper

$45 · 40 minutes

Fades,Tapers,Detailed,Modern Cuts

All Fades, shaved in hard parts, tapers, faux/eurohawks,Side lengths from 0-2, modern fades may have additional $5charge

$40 · 35 minutes

Short Scissor Cut

All over scissor cut can be on or at the ears. If it has been 3+ months since last haircut please select that service.

$40 · 30 minutes

CLIPPER ONLY- no scissors, no skin fades

sides clipper #3 or longer NO FADES,TAPERS, OR All OVER SCISSOR CUTS.

$35 · 25 minutes

Clipper Cut 65+

65 & Up. This option is for clipper cuts only. If you would like a scissor cut or if you have longer hair, please schedule under correct service and a senior discount will apply.

Starting at $33 · 25 minutes

Buzz Cut

No fades, blends, tapers - One guard all over Foil Shave additional $3

$25 · 10 minutes

Mustache Trim

For those without a full beard

$9 · 5 minutes

Short Beard Detail

Our beard detail, trims, edges, and removes any unwanted facial hair. No razors are included with this service. Beard services only offered with haircuts

$16 · 10 minutes

Long Beard Detail

Longer beards that require free hand shaping and a little extra attention. Beard services only offered with haircuts

$22 · 15 minutes

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