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Speaker, Certified DISC Trainer, Energetic Leadership and Team Development Consultant, Sales Inspirer, Emotional Intelligence Establisher

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25 years of Leadership training plus resources from the #1 leadership guru in the world brought directly to YOU! Do Something Daily (DSD) will facilitate an in-depth study of communication, connection, and leadership principles. Come and grow with a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and John Maxwell Trainer while finding out how you really land with those around you. As a result of this 2-day seminar, synergy will be revived, re-focused, more streamlined, and trust will increase among your team -supporting growth and bottom line profit. **In other words; actions, initiatives, and intentions CONVERGE and settle into the sweet evergrowing spot of congruency.**

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Hold Your Form. A friendly reminder for maintaining your poise, drive and direction in the midst of adversity and chaos. Hold Your Form.

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Does not include Hold Your Form or Not So Random books. Thank you for your support! Please let me know a time that I can call you and express my gratitude!

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