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Basic Tune-Up

The best way to preserve the life of your bike is to have it tuned up at least once a year. During the the basic tune-up we will: - wash and degrease your bike & drivetrain - test and adjust the brake system - test and adjust the shifting system - safety inspection of wheels, components and accessories - apply quality lubricant to the drivetrain and bearings - includes installation of components and/or accessories purchased from us

$35 · 15 minutes

Tubeless Tire Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of tubeless services. We offer Stan's No Tubes or Orange Seal in shop. Prices are per tire and include sealant and tape (if applicable). Prices to not include additional hardware (valve stems, valve cores, etc.).

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Brake Bleed

Depending on how often and how far you ride, you will need to bleed your hydraulic disc brakes about every year. Some telltale signs that the brakes on your bike need to be bled are that they feel squishy, or that you have to pull the lever almost all the way to the handlebars before they work. Price is per brake.

$25 · 15 minutes

True Wheel

After a season (or two) of riding, spoke tension changes and the wheel may go out of true or out of round. This makes for an unstable wheel; it can handle strangely and is more prone to damage. A well-maintained set of “everyday use” wheels should last for five to ten years. Broken or stressed spokes or spoke nipples get replaced, which may cost extra.

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New Bike Consult

Come in and meet with us to find out what type and size of bicycle will best meet your needs. There's no obligation to buy! Our goal is to find the bike that makes you feel comfortable and helps you attain your goals, whether that's a trip around the block with your kids or a trip to your next epic adventure!

Free · 30 minutes

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