Point Zero Wellness

Applying an integrative and holistic approach through East Asian medicine to address the needs of modern people. From physical ailments to chronic conditions, all are welcomed and assisted on their health journey.
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Our Services

New Patient Acupuncture
This initial appointment will go over your health history, meditations and supplements as well as diet and lifestyle habits to best perscribe the right treatment plan.
Cacao Ceremony
This pays for the upcoming Cacao Ceremony. For further information, please see the event description which can be found on Facebook at Point Zero Wellness' business page.
Acupuncture Returning Patient
These appointments are focused on your reasons for visiting. Included in the price is the intake and various means of treatment including acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, sports massage and tissue manipulation in addition to herbal counseling. Herbal prices separate.
Treatment consisting of cupping only.
Shamanic Services
This treatment addresses issues that may have a deeper roots. Sometimes emotional or long-standing. These sessions involve a thorough intake and are followed by the use of various traditional techniques to provide insight and information to illuminate a path towards healing.
Facial Rejuvenation
This is a natural facelift! Face specific acupuncture treatments are designed to reinvigorate the face, naturally. This service is sold in a package and includes the cost of materials.

Our Staff

Dr. Daniel Domoleczny