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Our Services

Women's Haircut
Women's haircut, blow dry and style.
Shampoo and blow-dry
Roots Touch Up No Blow dry
Book this if you are looking to touch up grey coverage or your base color. This is not for highlight retouches.
Full Highlights No Bd
Traditional foiled highlights on the entire head. Book this if you like the highlights to go close to the scalp.
Partial Highlights No BD
Traditional highlights on the top half of the crown area and around the face. Book this if you like lower maintenance but still appreciate the look of highlights at the scalp.
Conditioning Treatment
Book this if you are in need of a bond-building treatment, clarifying system or a deep conditioning mask such as the Crystal Gels. Please note that this does not include a blow-dry or any other services.
Men's Haircut
Men's haircut or clipper cut. This also applies to women who have shaved sides or men's styled cuts.
Balayage/Free hand painting
Book this if you are looking for very low maintenance and a rooty feel for your highlights. This service cost includes the cost of one toner and a blow dry at initial service appointment.
Balayage ReTouch
Book this if you need your previous balayage pulled up a bit. This cost includes one toner and a blow dry at the time of initial service.
Mermaid Hair Creative
Rainbow, mermaid, unicorn, grey, silver and rose gold all fall into this category. Please be prepared to be at the salon for several hours. If you have questions about this process and upkeep, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.
Bang Trim
a quick Bang trim
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Similar to a Brazilian Blowout, this service is meant to smooth the hair. Please note that this will not remove curl 100%.
Need a few pops of color just around the face? Book this if you need just a few pops of highlights done. This is usually 8-10 foils and includes the toner but no blow dry.
Balayage and Haircut
Balayage hand painting, haircut and a blow dry.
Full Highlights and Haircut
Full head of traditional highlights, haircut and blow-dry.
Partial Highlights and Haircut
Partial head of highlights, haircut and a blow-dry.
Roots Retouch and Haircut
Base or grey coverage retouch, haircut and blow dry.
All over color
Book this if you would like one color process.
All over color and Haircut
All over single color, haircut and blow-dry
Color Melt
Book this if you would like a few colors blended together. Please note that the pricing may differ if lifting the hair is necessary.
Colorment and Haircut
Colormelt, haircut and blow dry. Please note that pricing may differ if lifting the hair is necessary.
Refresh your gloss/toner, without a blow-dry.

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