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Our Services

LED Facelift Facial
Signature facial with LED treatment and Microcurrent treatment
(Best Selling) Intro Skin Revision Facial
(World Famous) ENZYMATIC THERAPY (TRUE OXYGEN) This is NOT the typical facial you had in the past. Revive the skin from the inside out with the world-famous DMK special enzyme treatment. This redefines the traditional oxygenation facial.
(Best Selling) Deluxe Empress' Jade + 24k Gold Facial
Almost 2hrs head to toe heaven for a day! Start the facial with microdermabrasion, facial massage, and treatments, then rest with 24k gold mask. Additional relaxation with health benefits: peppermint pedissage, jade roller lymphatic massage, and shoulder, neck and scalp massage. With aromatherapy as the icing to seal the deal! What a heavenly day!
(Best Deal) 24k Magic Facial
24k + Amino Acids + Nutrients Facial 1hr of Hollywood Magic! Celebrities Simon Cowell, Donatella Versace and Victoria Beckham all are reported to have tried a new treatment to help maintain a youthful glow — the sheep placenta facial. Dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu explains how the unusual special ingredient helps the skin. “It’s chock-full of nutrients from the placenta, things like growth factors, nutrients, amino acids,” she says. Dr. Chiu combines the sheep placenta treatment with a light chemical peel so the skin is more receptive to nourishment. The special formulation mixes the sheep placenta extract with 24-karat gold flakes, to give clients a golden glow.
(Best Deal) Oxygenation Microdermabrasion Facial
With the power of oxygen to speed up recovery time makes Microdermabrasion treatment even better. Skin will naturally glow and skin tone will back to normal. Microdermabrasion can be an excellent solution for a wide range of skin conditions, including: • Fine lines • Wrinkles • Sun-damaged skin • Acne and acne scars • Scar remediation • Excess oils • Blackheads and whiteheads • Enlarged pores • Superficial age spots
(Best Deal) Oxygenation Dermaplaning Facial
"She went in as Yeti and will come out as Venus" Take a nap with a relaxation and rejuvinating facial with (defuring action) dermaplaning. Your face will have an instant glow! Makeup will go on smoothly without those peach-fuzz.
90mins Series (1hr 30mins)
60mins Series
Deluxe Custom Facial
Evolved from the Signature Custom Facial. Extend your relaxation with therapeutic grade essential oils aromatherapy, using awesome tools such as the jade roller and special blend mask that tailor to your needs.
Signature Custom Facial
Not sure what you will need? Leave the worries to the professional and relax!

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