The Millionaire Portfolio Group LLC

The Millionaire Portfolio Group serves a consistently overlooked group of people. The people with brilliant ideas that are stagnantly stuck in jobs, in school's and in relationships that they can't see their end goals realized. We consult, guide and coach our clients; Such as individual's, business's, organization's and our work partner's by using our professional life experiences, education and resources. We give the pedestal for our clients to stand on and elevate themselves to build, maintain their status and leave a powerful legacy.
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Our Services

Strategy Driven Conversation 15-20 minutes
Initial On-boarding
(Broward, Dade, & Palm Beach county school employees)
Finanancial/Carreer Goals discussions 403b, 457 or RothI RA Solution
Financial Needs Analysis
Life Insurance Needs and Financial Investment Objectives
Lunch & Learn Segments
How confident are your employees? Do they feel secure? Do they believe You as an organization care about their well-being? We can help you increase the level of these three things and guarantee you better individual performance and a lower turn over rate. Email or give us a call to find out more
Ongoing consulting services is great service to have during your 1st , 2nd and 3rd year start up or as a part of your pre-plan before starting. Starting at a monthly low rate of $25.00. Call us to learn more....
Resume & Interview Prep
Because the majority of people on our staff has been business owners as well as knowledgeable hiring managers we know exactly what employers are looking for. We work with you while teaching you on a one on one basis how to create a marketable, results driven resume. And our interview prep concludes parallel confidence coaching with resume. This service includes 1 month support and two 2 hr segments for building the resume.

Our Staff

Shalita Kirksey