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Becoming Tantra: In-person Tantric Yoga Ceremony

Restore Mind, Body, & Spirituality. Tantra isn’t something you do it’s something you are! Reconnecting with your Divine feminine, waking your Kundalini, and transforming the connection to your Higher Self and Divine Masculine. ​ Booking locations: New York; Brooklyn, Manhattan, Albany California; Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Florida; Hollywood, Miami, Orlando Denver; Colorado

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Krystal Torres

Founder of Seeking Dakini In life there is no left or right, I am presence, not here to disrupt merely enlighten the labyrinth, balancing both the dark and light, for those seeking alignment to their divine expression, our unique and immortal true identity. Dakini Tantra Yoga Practitioner Kundalini Yoga Instructor Cosmic Kid’s Yoga Teacher