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Retreat special

This is for nourish my soul retreat participants. This session can be done remotely and will include frequency scan, email with results and sound therapy, a full emotion code/body code release and self care coaching. I look forward to seeing you again! ❤️🙏🏼

$77 · 1 hour

Intro session (recommended first session)

Welcome to your first emotion code session. I will take the time to make sure you understand a little bit more about this healing modality so that you feel comfortable. We will first take inventory of the body through the AO frequency scanning device. Then I will begin to find and release the priority trapped emotions for you. Usually that’s anywhere from 14-20 emotions in one session. Lastly, if there’s any recommendations I can offer for you’re healing I will make those suggestions. You will also receive an email with your own personal sound therapy and an inner voice report. I will text/email notes so you can relax and process during the session. These can be done in person or remotely. Look forward to meeting you!

$111 · 50 minutes

Release the HEARTWALL ❤️ (recommended second session)

Do you ever just feel stuck? Unmotivated? Sick all the time? Living from one heartache to the next? Think somethings wrong with you? Well… I’ve got news. You are not broken! What is it then? You just have a heartwall like everyone else. This is something that’s been building since we were children around the heart made up of our trapped emotions. It can effect us mentally, physically, emotionally of course and even spiritually leaving you feeling disconnected at times from god, others or even yourself. During the Heartwall release: -we will find the subconscious material you made your wall out of (ie bullet proof glass, candy, a nest, the ocean, guns, a sandbox, etc- very significant to your story) -.the symbolic width of the wall. -and we will heal all of the emotions around the heart. Usually 20-30. -I’ll also give you tools on healthy boundaries, how to connect to your own intuition, grounding techniques, and more!

$111 · 50 minutes

Full emotion release session with self-care coaching

After you’ve done your initial intro session and heartwall release I offer these full 50 min body code/emotion code sessions. Whether you desire to work on an issue with health, relationships, or finances, anything pertaining to this can be addressed in this session. Have in mind the area(s) you'd most like to see breakthrough. Session is held via phone, video call, or in person with Lindsey.

$95 · 50 minutes

Couples session

If you’d like a little more harmony with your partner this could be a healthy next step after your intro and heartwall session! During this session we will address the priority stuck emotions that may be causing dissonance in the relationship. We will find and remove this trapped energy in each person and work on healthy ways to move forward together. May release approximately 10-15 emotions per person.

$125 · 50 minutes

5 emotions for $25

Want to try before you buy? Don’t have the time or money for a full session? Well… this might be exactly what you need today. During this time I’ll release 5 priority emotions for you and send them to you via text/email. These sessions are done remotely and will be sent to you by the end of the day you booked. Releasing just 5 emotions can provide so much relief in the mind and body!

$25 · 15 minutes

Mini-session emotion code release

If all you’re needing is a little tune up this mini session will be perfect for you. During this session you will experience a release of trapped emotions that can help increase health, clarity, and overall wellness. Usually able to release 10-14 emotions during this session. Work done remotely.

Price Varies $65 · 30 minutes

Animal session

Emotion code is amazing for your pets too! Every animal absorbs our energy and will eventually give them behavioral issues and health problems as well. This is a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy! All I need is their name, photo and age and I’ll send you the results I find and release for them. For an additional cost of $25 I’ll also send my “animal playlist” of frequencies for one hour.

$55 · 20 minutes

3 Emotion Code Sessions - Save $25!

Multiple sessions gives opportunity to remove more trapped, negative energies and further release the root of an issue. This is a great place to start for the removal of a Heart Wall. Following sessions will be scheduled during the first session or can booked as "Paid Emotion Code Session".

$260 · 50 minutes

5 Emotion Code Sessions- Save $50!

Multiple sessions gives opportunity to remove more trapped emotions and further get to the root of a situation. This is a great place to start for the removal of a heart wall as well as 1-2 other significant issues. Following sessions can be scheduled during the first session.

$425 · 50 minutes

Inner voice - AO scan frequency device

The inner voice scan is complementary during the very first intro emotion code session. You may want to continue doing inner voice scans on a weekly or monthly basis to check in with your physical, emotional, mental state and also receive 4 new sound therapies each time! For the inner voice scan you will only need to send me a 10 second voice memo through text. The voice memo should start with “I am....” followed by your name. Then fill the rest of the 10 seconds talking about anything you’d like. I will then take your recorded voice and put it through the AO SCAN. Once it has finished I will then email you a full report that includes a four page assessment of the unbalanced octaves with balancing harmonics to listen to, color therapy suggestions, and your physical and emotional state based on the suppressed and excessive octaves. The inner voice can be done daily and the balancing harmonics should be listened to as often as you like to bring more harmony to the body.

$45 · 15 minutes

Torus scan - AO scan frequency device

During the Torus scan you will receive a complete inner voice scan, vitals, comprehensive and choose up to 5 SEFI frequencies. If done in person a bone conducting headset will be worn and the device will scan the frequencies of the body taking inventory of what is in/out of range. Then it will send optimizing frequencies to the places out of range. This will be done during vitals and comprehensive and will email your a full report of the results. Keep in mind this is comparable to getting a very expensive blood test without even taking the blood out of the body! During inner voice the device will record your voice in 10 seconds showing which octaves are out of range then emailing you a full report with harmonizing sounds to listen to.

$149 · 45 minutes

Torus scan + emotion code session

During this session we will do a complete scan- inner voice, vitals, comprehensive, and you will choose up to 10 frequencies in SEFI. I’m addition we will do an emotion code session to go deeper into problematic areas then find and release 10-14 trapped emotions.

$222 · 1 hour 30 minutes

The quantum leap

5- pack of AO SCAN mobile sessions conducted over the phone and one free innergy grounding bracelet. This includes a full report emailed to you each session with inner voice, vitals, comprehensive, and your own personal SEFI playlist with up to 10 frequencies sent for 20 minutes.

$444 · 45 minutes

The quantum lifestyle

10-pack of AO SCAN mobile sessions conducted over the phone and one free innergy grounding bracelet. This includes a full report emailed to you each session with inner voice, vitals, comprehensive, and your own personal SEFI playlist with up to 10 frequencies sent for 20 minutes.

$888 · 45 minutes

Root awakening transformation

If you’re ready for a complete transformation mind, body and soul - this package is for you. Congratulations!!! During the first session we will use the AO scan to educate us on where you are mentally, physically and emotionally using this state of the art frequency technology. We will also release any emotional energies that could be blocking you from receiving the full benefits of this healing journey. We will also come up with a self-care plan including suggestions for the mind, body and soul. The following 8 sessions will include grounding meditation, ez scans (vitals, comprehensive, inner voice), email with sound therapies and reports, body code/emotion code (releasing 15-20 emotions), and frequency playlist for 20 min. (One heartwall session included as well.) The last session will include one last ez scan, check in on your light score, address and heal any more priority emotions, and I’ll make sure you leave with all the tools you need to continue your healing process. This is valued at over $2,000

50 minutes

Wholeness package

If you’re wanting to hit the reset button on life this is for you! This 2 hour session will include emotion/body code, chakra balancing, sound/aroma therapy, yoga/meditation and basic breathing exercises, and self-care coaching. Mostly done in person but can also be done over the phone.

$175 · 2 hours

Yoga and meditation session

Beginners welcome! During this session I will help you find the poses that best work for your body, teach basic breathing techniques, and meditation practices that will benefit your personal practice as well.

$75 · 50 minutes

Previously Paid Mini Session

Has someone gifted or paid for you to experience a Sample Session? This is the place to book. This energy healing technique is done over the phone/videocall where I will simply be releasing trapped emotions from the body.

20 minutes

Previously Paid Emotion Code Session

If you have previously paid for 3, 5, or 10 session package, you can book following sessions in this way. This session will build upon the work we did previously or could be on a topic of your choosing.

50 minutes

Photon light energy experience

New alkywan photon energy light sphere available for 15 minute meditations.

15 minutes

Ao scan package of 4

This will include 4 scans used at your convenience. Each scans results will be emailed to you along with inner voice sound therapy to listen to. During the time of the scan, the high and low frequencies are optimized gently shifting your body back to homeostasis. You can purchase your own ao scanning system for only $150 a month.

$100 · 45 minutes


Lindsey Little