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About Skin

Specializing in treating problematic and aging skin, the Spa offers treatments and skin care products and services with results-driven formulas and powerful ingredients.

The Spa caters to male and female clients, offering a variety of customized professional treatments.
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Our Services

This comprehensive facial treatment is the most popular at About Skin and combines Micro-dermabrasion, Oxygenation, LED photo rejuvenation and much more. This amazing facial will deliver immediate results. It is now offered for booking online at $99 and it is packed with treatments valued at over $520. INCLUDES: Face, neck, decollete, hands and arms massage and the BENEFITS are clean, purified, even toned, lighter, brighter complexion and undeniable soft, smooth, glowing skin.
Organic HYDRO-FACIAL Treatment
Traditional European style facial treatment to cleanse, purify and restore balance in your skin. Eminence organic ingredients and European face massage technique provide for increasing blood circulation, collagen and elastin production and maintaining of healthy, beautiful, younger looking skin. The certified organic Eminence products and ingredients are suitable for any skin type and condition. Your skin and mind will benefit from the clean and potent ingredients.
Everyone's favorite results oriented treatment for immediate skin rejuvenation and removal of layers of dead skin cells. Prepares the skin to receive powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants for long lasting results. Experience the latest and best in micro-dermabrasion technology to best treat your skin without irritation or down time. Take the path to Healthy, Beautiful, Younger looking skin for life.
Jessner CHEMICAL PEEL Treatment
This is the most effective Epidermal Peel to fully renew your skin. Blackheads, whiteheads, hyper-pigmentation, acne, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles peel off and away in 7 to 10 days to reveal SOFTER, SMOOTHER, EVEN TONED complexion. Chemical Peels have been used for years to REDUCE lines and wrinkles, breakouts, dry and dull looking skin. Results and down times may vary depending on the individual skin type and condition.
ACNE Facial Treatment for Teens and Adults
Treat and heal acne naturally and consistently with the best ingredients. The best ingredients deliver the best results! Professional extractions clear out blackheads and clogging, while potent formulations kill acne causing bacteria. Adding calming and soothing masque and serum combat redness and inflammation.
Arctic Berry Enzyme Peel Treatment
🌟ADD-ON TO ANY FACIAL - This favorite Arctic Berry Enzyme PEEL breaks down and removes dead skin to leave your skin feeling refreshed and new. A blend of four antioxidant-rich plants prevent the visible signs of aging, while essential vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids replenish the skin’s moisture and restore the appearance of elasticity Although 100% safe and organic, this superb professional treatment should only be performed by a skin therapist in a spa environment. ADD IT to any of our facials for a showstopper GLOW!
Blueberry Detox Firming Peel Treatment
🌟 ADD-ON TO ANY FACIAL - This naturally exfoliating peel deeply purifies the pores and tones and firms the skin. The combination of blueberry juice, raspberry juice, blackberry juice and pineapple extract is high in vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and refresh your skin. Plus, lactic acid will remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of your skin’s texture. Although it is a 100% safe and organic, this is a professional treatment and should only be performed by a skin therapist in a spa environment. ADD IT to any facial to detox and diminish wrinkles.
Waxing Eyebrow Treatment
Eyebrow waxing, tweezing, shaping and complete grooming for amazing final result. Beautifully shaped eyebrows will frame your face and enhance your features.
Brazilian Bikini for Women Treatment
This is a treatment for women only and performed by experienced and expert therapists in a private, clean and safe environment. It is completed efficiently with minimal discomfort and in a timely manner.
Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
🌟ADD-ON TO ANY FACIAL - Accelerate the exfoliation process with this enzyme peel that removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. The natural enzyme content of yam and pumpkin leave skin appearing firm and radiant. This is a professional treatment and should only be performed by a skin therapist in a spa environment.

Our Staff

Della Rodriguez, Skin Therapist
Della is an experienced Skin Therapist and Medical Esthetician, dedicated and knowledgeable in the field of medical esthetics. For over 20 years working together with doctors and dermatologists she gained invaluable experience in treating acne and problematic skin and is helping many patients and clients to look and feel their best. Della is an Acne and Chemical Peels Specialist with a confident, nurturing and results oriented touch. She will combine results oriented treatments with a healing and relaxing face massage. Acne Specialist.
Emily M. Martin, Skin and Wellness Specialist
Founder and director of About Skin Center and an experienced Skin Therapist for over 20 years. Expert in treating problematic skin and passionate about creating customized skin treatments for even the most stubborn of skin ailments like acne or premature aging. Emily strongly believes in treating the skin from the inside out for overall health and full body wellness. Skin and Whole Body Nutrition Specialist.
Noelle Ashland
Noelle is a Skin Care Specialist and Lifestyle Coach who brings over 15 years of experience to About Skin. She specializes in organic skin treatments for the face and neck as well as nutrition. She will guide you through simple techniques in order to achieve healthier skin for life. Noelle is a Skin and Whole Body Nutrition Specialist. She has an amazing nurturing touch and attention to detail.
Teesha Lobo
Teesha is an amazing Esthetician with over 10 years of experience in the Skin Care Biz who brings positive energy and care to every facial treatment and guest of About Skin. She is knowledgeable and creative, always up for the challenge of treating problem prone skin. Traditional Ayurvedic and Micro-dermabrasion Specialist.
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