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Balayage / *Lived-In Blondes*

Recommended for someone who is looking for HIGH impact LOW maintenance blonde. The starting price includes full service & a glaze to finish off the color. Keep in mind this is a starting price & it may vary based on hair length and density. HALO: offers my FAVORITE techniques in less time and at more budget friendly pricing. It focuses more on the top half of your hair, better known as your crown or halo. The outcome is just as gorgeous as traditional foilyage but offers more dimension and movement throughout. MONEY PIECE: A very budget friendly and trendy service offering hairline highlights and a glaze. This service is great for betweenments. lived-in blonding appoint

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Total Blondes

EXTRA FULL: Highlights and/or Babylights all over with very minimal left out. Not completely platinum but not as much natural left through either. FULL: all over foils depending on starting color and target color with some leave-out between. More natural blonde look. HALO: the front, face framing and from the ears up in the back custom to the look we are going for. Recommend for maintenance between full highlight appointments or for someone who is on a budget and wants that blonde look

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Color Correction

Color Corrections take extra time, knowledge, and money to be done correctly. There are many factors that are considered when deciding if your hair is a color correction or not. Do not book this service unless you have contacted me and we have talked either in person or through email/text. $100/HOUR. Consultation REQUIRED for ANY and ALL color correction appointments. $50.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit required to book an appointment for color correction. Deposit will go towards final cost of the service. Price will be discussed and determined at time of consultation.

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Platinum Blondes

Platinum blonde is solid blonde to the scalp. If you have no previous color or blonde in your hair and you are an appropriate level this is achievable in one appointment. If you do have previous color or blonde and your hair is a dark natural color than it may take more than one appointment or may be considered a color correction. Please keep this in mind when booking, if a root shadow is desired it may be an additional cost. TOUCH-UP: ON-SCALP touch up, no more than an inch of outgrowth. If you have more than 2 fingers worth of outgrowth please message me, this may be considered a correction.

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Color + Touch-Ups

Single process color only on previously lightened or virgin hair. Price depends on hair length and density. Hair below the shoulders will be priced according to product used during application. Does NOT include correcting previously applied color by another stylist or ones self or all over fashion colors.

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TONER: For blondes, brunettes, and reds! Refresh your color and tone with a quick glaze. This is for one color toner over platinum, highlights, or solid colored hair.

$65 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hair Extensions

CONSULT REQUIRED before booking an appointment for extensions. In the consult we will color match and go over proper at home care, recommended maintenance, and pricing. You must purchase your hair at time of booking installation. CURRENTLY OFFERING HANDTIED, BEADS, & TAPE-IN. HALO’s coming soon 🤞🏼

Free · 30 minutes

Blow Out

Relax with a deep cleansing with high quality products, Blow Out & Style as requested using my favorite styling products and tools. Want to be able to style your own hair like you just left the salon? Styling Lessons are available! Please leave a note when booking and I'll be sure to add some extra time at the end of your appointment to show you my secrets!

$40 · 1 hour


Women’s Haircuts ONLY.

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