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Massage By Superhands
Mobile Massage at your door! Home, Office, or Hotel. Providing the best in Massage Modalities. You maybe interested in specific kind of treatment which we may provide. All Massages are based on time and modalities performed. By proceeding to book your appointment we will be contacted and we can proceed with your scheduling your Massage By Superhands.
Couples Massage By Superhands
Two Individuals or Love ones receiving Together there Massage Therapy treatment together. Each session is personalized.
Pre-paid Massage Therapy
You the Client can save money and receive Massage By Superhands sessions in 4 or 8 series Package. All sessions are by appointment. The goal is to complete sessions within a specific time frame so you may receive the maximum benefits.
Corporate Chair Massage Anyplace
Corporate Chair massage benefits is a great tool for enhancing the wellness of employees in the work place. A specialized massage chair in semi-prone position as practitioner provides one or more techniques - addressing receivers physical complaints in a relaxing setting. Better than a coffee break!! This service depends on number of employees ratio to therapist for allotted time.
Additional Massage Minutes
Functional Personal Training Package prepaid
Functional Personal Training Session

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