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Lunch Appointment

Meeting with customer to discuss advertising on the Radio Station.

Free ยท 1 hour

Commercial Recording at Station

Recording of a commercial at station.

30 minutes

Station Recording Half Hour

Record for Half Hour at the Rock of Talk Studios

30 minutes

Advertising Consultation at the Radio Station

Meeting to discuss advertising on 95.9 FM/AM 1600 KIVA and ABQ.FM

30 minutes

Telephone Appointment

15 Minute Phone Appointment

15 minutes


Telephone Interview

15 minutes

General Meeting

Meet to discuss new business, opportunity or to make introductions.

30 minutes

Facetime / Skype Meeting

Face to Face Meeting using Apple's Facetime

15 minutes

Eddy Aragon

Eddy Aragon is the CEO of Rock of Talk LLC which owns 'ABQ.FM', 93.7 FM/AM 1600 KIVA and the afternoon trademarked talk show known as "The Rock of Talk".