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Law firm specializing in criminal and civil litigation, appeals, restraining orders, and trust & estate law.
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Our Services

Estate Planning Intake
If you are a new estate planning client, use this option. Estate planning intakes are two hours, unlike the normal free consultation for other practice areas which is only one hour. We may not take the whole time, but this gives us the flexibility to discuss all of your needs and questions related to your estate planning.
Free Consultation
If you are contacting us for the first time about a criminal or other legal matter, select this option to schedule a one-hour free consultation. If you are contacting us about a will, trust, or estate planning matter, do not use this option--use the "estate planning intake" instead to book a two-hour appointment. NOTE: consultations for civil traffic tickets require a $100 consultation fee. Many clients have been successful representing themselves after consulting with us, however, in order to continue providing the service we must charge a fee for it. All other initial consultations, including criminal traffic violations remain free of charge. After scheduling, we may ask you to send us documents to review before the appointment. Your consultation is strictly confidential. A consultation does not mean that Attorney Cowan has agreed to represent you. All engagements require a formal, written contract.
Traffic Ticket Consultation
Choose this option if you are contacting me about a civil traffic ticket. These are the only consultations for which I charge a fee, and the reason is that so many of the people who consult with me go on to successfully represent themselves in these matters. If you choose to retain me, the consultation fee will be credited towards the representation fee.
Existing client appointment
If you are already a client and want to meet about your case, use this option. We schedule in one-hour blocks. If you think you might need more than an hour, let us know and we can do a longer appointment.
Will Signing (Existing clients)
Select this option after we have sent you drafts of your will, trust, and other estate planning documents, and you have approved the drafts.

Our Staff

Andrew Piltser-Cowan an
Attorney Cowan is the founding member of the firm.
Isaac Kalish