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Private appointment - Single

Private appointment to discuss toys, questions or solutions to issue

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Private appointment to discuss solutions, toys or questions.

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Friend's Night Out Party

Private appointment for group of 3 through 12 individuals. Purpose is to educate and empower women and couples to own their sexuality. Samples of parties could be a get together, bachelorette party, birthday party, etc.

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Roylin Downs

Roylin Downs, owner of Trystology - a lingerie and sensual products boutique, provides a safe space to empower women, and all individuals for that matter, to own their sexuality. Since 2009 Roylin has been normalizing the conversation around sex and providing a refreshing reminder that sex is a natural part of our lives! Her down to earth approach and matter-of-factness can make the most uncomfortable people comfortable! She says she has to get outside her comfort zone to provide this, as she’s a very private and discrete person with regards to intimacy and love, but when you have a mission to empower women to own their sexuality, you can’t keep it a secret!