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Free 15 Minute Consult

We offer a "see if we fit" free consult. It is important to us that we both learn whether we can serve your needs and that we have the right tools and knowledge to support you. We want you to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Free · 15 minutes

New Patient Virtual Office Visit

Great for new patients and those struggling with hormonal issues and a lack or energy. Please fill out the Medical Forms and email them before your appointment. It is also a prefect choice if you are interested in doing the P21 program. Please make sure you complete the P21 Medical intake forms and email them to Dr Pia before your scheduled appointment.

$195 · 50 minutes

Virtual Nutrition Visit

This is for you if you are already a patient and want to continue to be supported on your health and wellbeing journey. It is also a perfect if you have questions and want to understand how the body mind and spirit work together. My goal is to educate and empower you so you can take ownership of your health. If it has been more than 6 months since your last visit, then please fill out the medical forms and email them to me , so I have updated information. . Thanks so much

$100 · 30 minutes

Pia Martin

Dr Pia is a practicing Functional Wellness Doctor in San Diego California. • Doctor of Chiropractic: Specializing in Family Wellness • Certified Clinical Nutritionist: • Author • Contributes to the Healthy Births – Happy Babies Podcast