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As a Holistic Spa Practitioner, I offer the best in clean beauty products used in deeply relaxing skin and body treatments. I have nearly ten years experience helping clients understand their skin concerns and how they can correct them through personalized treatments and home care.
Revive your skin and your spirit!
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Our Services

Facial - Acupressure Massage
This blend of a facial and a massage is the best in holistic skin care! We cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin with Dermalogica products. During the massage over 90 face and neck muscles are activated and released. Results include increased blood flow, collagen production, firmer facial tone, and a more youthful appearance while also balancing the whole body.
Spring Self Care Package
For Spring 2020 A 60 min Warming Facial with Jenni A 75 min Hot Stone Massage with Livi 3 class Flex Pass Contact us to book your treatments back to back.
In depth product consultation based on your skin and lifestyle. Let me help you fine tune your skin care or makeup routine!
Facial - Ultimate - 90 minutes
All the benefits of a dermalogica ProSkin60 treatment with additional time spent on relaxation and massage. Slow down the pace of your world and melt into the hands of an expert skin therapist. A truly holistic experience.
Facial - dermalogica ProSkin - 60 minutes
The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customized, sensorial treatment featuring advanced products and techniques. This extensive treatment takes you on a relaxing journey to your healthiest looking skin.
Facial - dermalogica ProSkin - 30 minutes
A personalized treatment based on your complimentary Face Mapping skin analysis. This treatment will be expertly designed just for you and your skin concerns. It is our customized treatment on your time.
Facial - add dermalogica Pro Power Peel
Meet the new face of chemical peels! Fine lines and wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation; chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to address these skin changes. This new medical grade chemical peel will give you results you love without the inflammation and downtime associated with traditional peels. Add it to your dermalogica facial and take your treatment to the next level!
Massage - 90 minutes
This is the ultimate blend of relaxation and care of your sore muscles. Choose a blend of essential oils to help rejuvenate your tired body and soul.
Massage - 60 minutes
This hour is for you! Choose between an all-over relaxation massage or a targeted muscle release in one or two areas. Either one will leave you feeling restored and ready to take on your next adventure.
Massage - 30 minutes
Don't have time for a full-body massage? No problem! Pick one or two key areas to focus on and feel the stress and tension melt away from your whole being.
Skin Healthy Pedicure
Let's get to business! Soak away stress, scrub off dead skin cells, remove extra-stubborn calluses, properly cut nails to avoid painful ingrowns, clean up cuticles, massage tense muscles and buff nails for a natural finish.
Reflexology Foot Massage
Utilizing a combination of Acupressure and Relaxation massage techniques to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance & facilitate the body's healing abilities.
Skin Healthy Manicure
Conditions like atopic dermatitis and deep dehydration can arise with frequent hand washing, harsh chemicals and constant exposure to the environment. Let me rejuvenate your over-worked hands with in-depth massage & hand stretches, professional cuticle removal, nail shaping and buffing.
Age-Defying Manicure
Similar to the skin healthy manicure with extra steps spent targeting & correcting signs of aging to help your hands look as youthful as you feel.

Our Staff

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