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Our Services

Chakra Energy Healing & Reiki Reset (Virtual)
Reiki is an alternative healing method using the palms of my hand to promote emotional and physical healing. After a clearing session, you will leave with intuitive guidance about the nature of the energy shifted and guidance for you moving forward after your clearing. Reiki Energy Healing is currently only offered as a distant healing session. When booking your session, make sure it is at a time where you will be uninterrupted for at least 60 minutes and you are in a place where you can lay down in a comfortable position. Blankets are optional, however, most clients have found it supportive to be covered. I am trained in both Kemetic and Usui, and you will get the divine benefits of both during your session. During your session, you'll also receive a Chakra balancing guided meditation.
Courageous Voices Writing Sessions
These sessions are for those soul writers who have purchased the Courageous Voices program. Please dial in 712-451-0480, pin#414219 at your scheduled time.
One on One Private Guided Meditation (Virtual)
Meditation is a tool that supports tapping into your Divine Higher Self. Being guided by this authentic power, supports you in being grounded, creative and more awakened to your ability to live with intention. This guided meditation will focus on the intention of your choice.

Our Staff

Schantain Ellis