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Cryo-10 sessions

$360 · 30 minutes

Cryo-20 sessions

$600 · 30 minutes

The Immune Booster

This infusion gives your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and on the go by improving immune health, mental clarity, liver function and overall cellular wellness. It’s formulated to fight off illness, cold and flu, increase energy levels, and fuel the body with the essential nutrients it requires to work at optimal levels. It is great for all situations including, hectic lifestyle, feeling rundown, fighting acute infections, cold and flu, travelers, etc. Infusion Supplements: Vitamin-C, B-Complex, Super B12, Trace Minerals, Glutathione

$169 · 1 hour

The IVRS Signature

This is our most popular “all in one” vitamin infusion that gives you the max benefits IV hydration has to offer. It is packed full of vitamins and amino acids that will optimize your physical performance and neurological functions, immune and liver support, and energizes/refreshes the cellular system. It focuses on improving nutrition and sleep, aiding in skin and mental health, decreasing chronic stress-related symptoms, and fighting fatigue and illness. Infusion Supplements: Vitamin-C, B-Complex, Super B12, Magnesium, Calcium, L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, L-Arginine, Taurine

$189 · 1 hour

The Athletic Repair

This concentrated dose of amino acids, electrolytes, and multi-vitamins supports the rebuilding, maintenance and hydration of your muscles, enhancing endurance and recovery. Flush out lactic acid and restore your body with one liter of hydration. Migraines as well as other aches and pains can be relieved with this electrolyte and anti-inflammatory infusion. Infusion Supplements: B-Complex, Super B12, Tri-Aminos, Magnesium, Glutathione, Toradol-Anti-Inflammatory

$139 · 1 hour

The Hangover

A custom blend infusion filled with B vitamins, Vitamin C and Zinc to boost your immune system's fighting power. Administered through a vitamin-infused drip, this IV therapy replenishes the electrolytes, nutrients, and fluids the body has lost due to cold- or flu-like symptoms. Nausea medications and anti-inflammatory may also be given to help relieve any nausea, headache or body aches. Give your body the relief it's craving and speed up your recovery time with this custom infusion Infusion Supplement: Vitamin-C, B-Complex, Zinc

$129 · 1 hour

The Flu Fighter

$119 · 1 hour


** Currently available in Amarillo ONLY**

$40 · 15 minutes


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