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Our Services

Extension (install only)
First time install or no maintenance required This pricing is for two bundles *40 tabs *for every bundle after please add a additional $25.00
Dry Cut
Balayage (Hand Painted placement) Highlights (foil work) Both services come with toner treatment
Double Process/Color Correction
Root Touch Up (only)
Bleach Touch Up
Toner Treatment/Bowout
Eyebrow Wax
Hairline (sideburns or nape)
Lip or Chin
Complimentary Consultation for all new clients. A sit down to discuss Hair history and Hair goals. Go over inspiration photos together for me to devise a plan to best fit your service and lifestyle
Unrealistic Pinterest/Instagram Hair Trends
Together we look at trendy unrealistic photoshopped images of hair then compare them to your current hair status. We devise a plan and set in place our prayer candles and affirmations. Out of respect we pray to a god or gods of your choosing while using the top of the line chemicals both lighteners and preventatives. We repeat this process as many times as possible until you have either reached a base level that I can use a combination of compliments and trick lighting to convince you how “on trend” your hair is or you have no hair left to force into submission to which case we together order you the wig in the photo that you originally sent me as your inspiration/hair goal. As a VIP GUEST that has booked this service I also download the latest version of PhotoShop to break down all the rules and limits to hair care and give you images 100% guaranteed to do amazingly well on your Instagram/blog/Pinterest/Facebook etc.
Extension maintenance
Removal of current extensions, removal of adhesive, shampoo, condition, hydration treatment, retape, and reinstall This pricing is for two bundles *40 tabs *for every bundle after please add a additional $25.00 *if adding color, gloss or tone appropriate fees will be added to cover product cost

Our Staff

Brett Judson