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A letter to my clients concerning COVID-19:
I take the safety of my colleagues, our families, my clients, and clients’ families very seriously. As a community, we are facing a critical time to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. By postponing all appointments for the next few weeks, I will be doing my part to help “flatten the curve” that will hopefully save the lives of our loved ones who are the most susceptible group to contract severe illness and death. Please reschedule or book your appointment for after 4/13/20.

As your therapist, my responsibility is to your well being and the well being of others. Your health, my colleagues health, and my own health is at the heart of this decision. I sincerely thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this difficult time.
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Our Services

Add-On: Cupping Therapy
Silicone suction cups applied to areas of tension, scar tissue, and adhesion, creating negative pressure and removing stagnant fluid from tissues allowing fresh blood, lymph, and oxygen flow into the tissue site and advance healing.
Add-On: Essential Oils
Select your favorite essential oil combination or allow us to customize your aromatherapy experience.
Add-On: Hot Stones
Hot basalt stones are incorporated into massage strokes to enhance relaxation while melting away tension in the body.
Add-On: Cooling Stones
Cool marble stones are incorporated into massage strokes to reduce inflammation and swelling to promote healing while invigorating the body.
Add-On: Muscle Marinade
Anti-inflammatory essential oils combined with moist heat therapy applied to areas of tension, scar tissue, and adhesion. Enjoy warming and cooling sensations in this non-invasive technique is perfect for clients that want maximum reduction of tension without deep pressure.
Add-On: Face and Scalp Massage
Massage applied to face and scalp to enhance relaxation while melting away head, neck, and shoulder tension. This massage is typically conducted at the beginning of the massage and without the use of oil.
Add-On: Arm Burritos
Arm burritos are my signature protocol for alleviating tension in the hands and forearms utilizing heated hydrotherapy, muscle marinade, and hot stones. My anti-inflammatory muscle marinade is applied to the hands, wrists, and forearms, then arms are wrapped in hot towels to encourage vasodilation. Once marinated, towels are removed and hot stones are incorporated into massage strokes on the arms to further encourage blood flow and alleviate tension. I developed this add-on as a way to care for my own arms and hands, so it's a great add-on for anyone suffering from carpal tunnel or who utilizes their arms and hands often.
Add-On: Foot Reflexology
Applied pressure to areas of the feet associated with specific zones of the body. This add-on also incorporates massage techniques, hot towels, hot stones, and essential oils.
Self-Love Session
A relaxing session including face and scalp massage, hot towels, essential oils and hot basalt stones to melt away muscle tension while relaxing and warming the body. This massage will leave you feeling nurtured from head to toe. A great appointment to book anytime, but especially during the cold winter months.
Renewal Session
The Renewal Session includes face and scalp massage, hot towels, hot stones, cooling muscle marinade and a full body massage using a fusion of relaxation and deep tissue techniques to create a whole body renewal.
Fire and Ice Session
A fusion of deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques are paired with complementary healing tools of hot and cooling stones in this deeply healing session. Hot basalt stones melt away tension followed by cooling marble stones, reducing inflammation while invigorating the body. This session is ideal for anyone in need of restoring balance to both body and mind.
All The Things
You deserve all the things. Includes hot towels, hot stones, cooling stones, muscle marinade, cupping therapy, slow flow deep tissue and relaxation fusion techniques, essential oils, face and scalp massage, and foot reflexology or can be customized with any combination of these elements to fit your needs. This session will leave you feeling like a new person from head to toe.
Healing Begins Here - 45 Minute Session
Customized massage session incorporating hot towels, hot stones, muscle marinade, cupping therapy, slow flow deep tissue and relaxation fusion techniques, and essential oils. All elements are implemented to create maximum results in allotted session time. This is a great session for anyone in need of a physical and mental reset.
Healing Begins Here - 60 Minute Session
Healing Begins Here - 75 Minute Session
Healing Begins Here - 90 Minute Session
Deep Tissue / Medical Massage - 30 Minutes
Massage that utilizes deep tissue techniques and attachment point therapy to break up adhesion and scar tissue, ease muscle fatigue, reduce tension, and increase flexibility and range of motion. This session is ideal for relief from specific pain and muscle fatigue and for those familiar with deep pressure.
Deep Tissue / Medical Massage - 45 Minutes
Deep Tissue / Medical Massage - 60 Minutes
Deep Tissue / Medical Massage - 75 Minutes
Deep Tissue / Medical Massage - 90 Minutes
Relaxation Massage - 45 Minutes
Ideal session for anyone new to massage or anyone in need of simple relaxation. This massage incorporates hot towels and relaxation massage techniques designed to alleviate muscle tension while also calming the nervous system, all conducted in a peaceful environment.
Relaxation Massage - 60 Minutes
Relaxation Massage - 75 Minutes
Relaxation Massage - 90 Minutes
Prenatal Massage - 60 Minutes
This very relaxing massage includes hot towels and pregnancy safe muscle marinade with essential oils.

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South Bend Massage and Healing
Dena Woods is a licensed massage therapist practicing healing based massage therapy. She is trained in multiple massage modalities, but customizes her sessions to combine multiple techniques, facilitating maximum results.
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