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Magnetic Pad session

30 minute session on the Magnetico Pad, a unidirectional magnetic pad that surrounds the body in a magnetic field similar in strength to the earth’s ambient levels of thousands of years ago. These pads provide the benefits of enhanced magnetism in balance with nature. The results have been extraordinary – with testimonials of improvement in many areas including: Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Circulation, Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, ADHD, Heart Problems, MS, General Health, Healing, Athletic Performance, Allergies, Headaches, Energy, Back Problems, Lupus, Emphysema • Relief of up to 80% of muscle soreness after major workouts reported by a professional athlete • Up to 30% increase in oxygen uptake and utilization from breathing • Significant increase in strength and endurance

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Annette Schilz