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Reiki is energy healing. A Reiki session is very relaxing and restorative to the body, mind and spirit. You can use Reiki for healing physically, emotionally or mentally. Kim sends the Reiki to you on a Zoom meeting while you relax in your home. She will check your chakras and tell you where she senses blocks or work needed. During the Reiki session you chakras will be cleared.

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Intuitive Reading

During an intuitive reading Kim is connecting to you psychically for information and/or to provide guidance. She may use tools such as oracle cards.

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Soul Inspiration Coaching Session

You can use this first session as a consultation and to receive intuitive guidance or as your first session in the soul inspirations coaching program. Soul Inspirations Coaching Program: Over the span of 10 sessions, we will work towards your goals and healing needs with intuitive readings, education, meditation and other tools to help you connect with your soul. Each session will focus on a different aspect of your needs and help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself. You will learn how to continue to blend with your soul independently by the end of the program. You will also receive a numerology consult which will give you information about your soul purpose.

$150 ยท 1 hour

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is a psychic reading where Kim uses the tea leaves to connect to information about you. You can use this to seek guidance and ask questions. Come to the reading with a cup of tea you have finished drinking with the tea bag or loose leaves still in the cup.

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Kim Conway