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Staff: Dezi, Zoie, Jordon, Colton, and Jackie
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Owner: Dezi Golden, RMTI-CLC
Registered Massage Therapist Instructor S-0526
Licensed Massage Therapist NM#7474 & TX#119139
Certified Life & Intimacy Coach
Shinpiden, Reiki Master
Tantra Instructor
Feng Shui Practitioner
Published Author
AirBnb Host
Speaker/Workshops & Classes
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Our Services

MASSAGE - Recharge - 90 minute
90 minutes of table time! This option is great if you are looking for Swedish, trigger point, myofascial therapy, prenatal massage, or a combination of these different modalities. You can choose full body, or specific areas to be focused on.
Synergy Stone BackRelaxer Session
Our Synergy Stone is soooo soothingly warm and ready to smooth out knots, aches, and pains in this awesome (even on your lunch break) 45 min session! Buy one for you AND for your special someone! Text (575) 932-9741 if you have questions.
Buy 4 $55 Massages, Get one FREE!
Our Black Friday Sale for your favorite loved ones is our BOGO of Buy 4 $55 Massage Gift Certificates, Get 1 FREE!!! (575) 932-9741
Groupon BODY * MIND * SOUL Initial Consultation
Your initial consultation will reveal how your Body * Mind * Soul are currently affected. Be amazed at how amazing you are AND how your body keeps score!
MASSAGE - Elysian Experience (90 min.)
You needn’t wait to reach a state of pure relaxation and bliss in this lifetime. You can book an appointment today and feel yourself ascend as we begin with a full body hot stone massage, segueing into a full body myofascial release, followed by deep tissue massage, and then whatever else your body might need most as we let it descend into a state of felicity
MASSAGE - Full Body Reset Massage (90 min)
90 min. Full Body Reset Massage is a wonderful "tailored-to-the-client" preference and their body's needs for complete feet to head, anterior to posterior relaxation reset.
Application of ear seeds or pellets to areas of the ear based on client's needs during consultation. Cost is based on condition being treated, number of seeds, and any limited edition/Swarovski crystals that may be applied. Sessions begin at $20.
READINGS - Oracle Card Reading
Oracle cards are like tarot in that they are energetic "directive tools," so they offer guidance, clarity, and a new perspective, often pointing the receiver towards something known, but an outside vision helps with manifestation! Enjoy connection and clarity with your personalized reading, using not psychic abilities but rather YOUR energy or birth numbers! Check out online readings too!!!
READINGS - Numerology Session
Ruling Number Energy Personal Year Number Energy Personal Month Number Energy Maturity and Peak Years Number Energy You pick which one to start with and you'll be amazed!! This is a long session, bring paper and pen!
REIKI - REM Transformational Reiki Therapy Session (90 min)
This is a fully clothed energy balancing session using various methods and techniques to read the energy of your body. Muscle testing, chakra cylinder measurement, oils, vibration, sound therapy, fire, and reiki hands are used along with various interviewing techniques to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you. A client favorite!
REFLEXOLOGY - Ionic Foot Detox Bath + Reflexology
A soothing detox foot bath followed by foot and hand reflexology for internal organ and lymphatic drainage relief. A client favorite!
TANTRA - Tantra Coaching for Men or Women (Fully Clothed/Non-sexual Sessions)
Our Tantric Intimacy Coaching blends talk therapy, meditation, and sacred practices, as well as psychology and body therapies, into a session to help couples and individuals achieve their desired levels of love, intimacy, and sexual healing. Couples and individuals of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from my tantra coaching! It's an ancient art and it's worked for thousands of years. Is your way working? We want to help! Fully clothed, non-sexual sessions. Any couple $115.00 or personal session $99. LGBTQ
FENG SHUI - Feng Shui Sessions for your Life
Feng Shui is the art of arranging entire rooms, objects, space and life to achieve harmony and balance. Feng shui works on the assumption that the world is driven by unseen forces. The idea behind it is to "unblock" the way, so the forces may flow freely and create balance in a space (or life). You pick a room, we'll take care of the chi! (rates negotiable)
ESSENTIAL OILS - Aromatherapy Feather-Lite Massage
60 min. intense essential oils (dropped into spine, feet, & hands) plus feather-lite fingertip massage to create a full body reset! You'll only want to sleep after this session!! ($65 worth of essential oils used throughout this modality) What is the AromaTouch® Technique? The dōTERRA ArōmaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. The technique is simple and intuitive and uses dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.
READINGS - Print Palmistry Matted and Framed
This ancient art is a specialty of Dezi's from back in the 90's when she used to fingerprint detainees. This thousand year old research becomes a beautiful gift for your loved one or as a legacy gift to leave to your kids. Your print is dried and the hand-mapping deciphered over an 8 hour process to explain your current journey, career, personality traits, health, marriages, kids, character traits, and more. Only you have the hand print you have, no one else is like you! This is a forever gift. See photo or go to for a visual of this magnificent gift everyone will be talking about at your holiday dinner! Your hand print will need to be taken prior to the 8 hr research. Dezi will meet with you in office or locally to take your print and let it dry. This booking pays for the entire service plus matting and framing, this appointment secures the print meeting. Text (575) 932-9741 with any questions.
READINGS - Dream Deciphering (online or in-person)
Dreams & Nightmares are very important. We'll help you understand, with our research materials, what your mind and body are trying to convey to you. You'll be amazed at this thousand year old art! It's not a psychic's just energy. And yours is VERY important to your journey. Try us out.
MASSAGE - "Back" to Life
60 minutes devoted to your back, neck, and glutes. This is a great option for individuals that sit for long periods of time or experience daily back pain or stiffness.
REIKI - Reiki and Chakra Healing
A one hour session devoted towards reaching balance in the body's 7 main chakras through the use of Reiki.
REFLEXOLOGY - Peacemaker (head, hand, & foot)
45 minutes devoted to your head, hands, and feet. Pick one, two, or all three areas to focus on! Perfect for those seeking some peace and relaxation while avoiding the need to disrobe.
MASSAGE - Quick Recharge
This 30 minute massage is great for individuals needing focused spot work, or for those with limited time.
One hour light massage of the head, neck, and arms. This session features soothing touch, personal attention, and ASMR triggers of your choice.
MASSAGE - Recharge - 70 minute
70 minutes of table time! This option is great if you are looking for Swedish, trigger point, myofascial therapy, prenatal massage, or a combination of these different modalities. You can choose full body, or specific areas to be focused on.
MASSAGE - Hot Stones Massage (90 min)
Our 70 min. backrelaxer massage with added heated stones for longer lasting stress-free results! Never had one? YOU WANT TO TRY THIS ONE!
A forty-five minute muscle or muscle region specific treatment that works to release hypertension in areas of the body that are under immense stress. Neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, and myofascial release are a few examples of the varied techniques available for this session. Though this session may provide much needed relief in a hypertensive region, it is encouraged that clients seek more comprehensive treatments so that the body may heal as a whole
COACHING - Burnout Recovery
Sometimes, some of us take on too much responsibility. Be it that we wish to prove our capabilities, or impress those we love, or simply because we haven’t quite learned how to say “no" to people’s demands, we can find ourselves stretched a bit too thin. Chronic fatigue, depression, and apathy can set in. “Burnout” is a difficult situation by identifying what led to your need to take on too much responsibility, we can begin disrupt those cognitive distortions.
Using the ancient technique of reflexology, we can aid several of your body's systems by manipulating specific zones in your ears, hands and feet. You have the choice of opting in or out of working with the ears, hands or feet depending on your level of comfortability. Systems of the body that we can aid include the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, and respiratory. The session is an hour long, and we will work with multiple systems so that we do not exhaust any particular one
MASSAGE - DeStressor Massage
70 Mins posterior body massage + reflexology + heat packs to release stress from the body temple. Client favorite!
MASSAGE - BackRelaxer Massage
70 mins. entire posterior of the body without needing to turn over during the session. A client favorite!
MASSAGE - Champissage Indian Head Massage
40 Min. Indian Scalp, Neck, & Face massage by Champissage Practitioner
COACHING - Adolescent Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Do you have a child that you believe is being bullied? Are they experiencing general depression, anxiety, hopelessness, chronic fatigue, apathy, or an unexplained loss of interest in school or former hobbies? Unlike the sociopaths around them, children are capable of adaptation and change. Most of all, they're able to heal from the wounds experienced. By working through the abuse and identifying the patterns that have begun, we can begin the necessary work that will help with their freedom!
MASSAGE - CSM Relaxation
As a chronic pain sufferer in the cervical spine region, Colton dedicated himself to formulating a treatment that can soothe the muscles of the cervical and upper thoracic regions. Techniques such as myofascial release, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, muscle energy technique, hydrotherapy (hot/cold) and trigger point therapy depending on what your body needs most. Two time durations are available for this session, one short and one long.
REIKI - REM Reiki Balancing Chakra Clearing Follow-up Session (60 Min)
This is a follow-up session to further move your body energy along to a complete balanced state.
COACHING - Couples Coaching Sessions (online or in-person)
Our couples coaching is top rated! So many have attachment wounds because we had inconsistent, intrusive, or absent caregivers growing up. Working with attachment is never about blaming parents. If your parents were not good caregivers for you, and didn't model healthy romance, it’s likely because they did not have good role models either. Working on attachment is like healing the history of disconnection. We offer a non-judgmental, supportive, and consistent connection first. We listen and carefully attune to both your needs and feelings in a way that your caregivers could not. Our modalities, like relationship rescue, learning each others needs and languages, tantra energy method or cuddle therapy, you can "go-as-needed" and learn warmth in physical connection, but more importantly, emotional maturity. LGBTQ encouraged.
MASSAGE - Thai Massage
Known as "lazy man's yoga"! 70 mins. of mild stretching + massage in a self-paced, fully-clothed, padded floor session. Client favorite!
MASSAGE - Deep Tissue Massage (70 Min)
70 blissful minutes of deep tissue work on your preferred muscle groups.
MASSAGE - 4 Hands Massage - 2 Massage Therapists, One YOU!
70 min. of full body massage with not one, but two massage therapists for maximum de-stressing!
REFLEXOLOGY - Reflexology Foot, Hand, & Ears
This ancient art is proven to reduce stress, release internal organs, and induce better sleep! Essential oils are added FREE for intense healing affect! Only 60 min. sessions available.
MASSAGE - Swedish Massage
This massage includes passive and active joint movements, stretching, and bending of the joints with the assistance of the therapist. Swedish massage is the most commonly offered massage technique, utilizing a firm yet lighter pressure on the muscles. It involves long yet gliding strokes.
MASSAGE - TMJ Massage (inside jaw, palate, and facial massage)
Many don't know this, but there are very specific meridians in the jaw that, when massaged, release the pelvis and hips of the body as well as headache stress! If you don't believe it, you have to receive it! Try out our 55 min. mouth and face massage. We where gloves, you just relax and become amazed!
MASSAGE - Pregnancy Massage
60 min. side-lying massage for pre or post natal momma! Baby is welcome at session.
COACHING - Personal Coaching Sessions (online or in-person)
Our coaching is rated #1 in Las Cruces because we focus on emotional connection with the "self". An intimacy coach is someone who strives to help you feel safer and more comfortable being close to yourself first, and this brings in better relationships. Comfort with intimacy in a relationship is something most people should have learned as a child. Unfortunately, many grow up without positive experiences around physical or emotional closeness, and so they don’t feel safe engaging in that as an adult. We have unique coaching sessions that are self-paced and VERY affective! Try us out.

Our Staff

Colton Copeland
Dezi Golden, RMTI-CLC
Registered Massage Therapy Instructor Certified Life Coach Certified Angel & Tarot Cards Reader Author
Jackie Jacques
Jordon K
Zoie Golden

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