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READINGS - Oracle Card Reading Sessions (sent to your cell too!)

Oracle cards are like tarot in that they are energetic "directive tools," so they offer guidance, clarity, and a new perspective, often pointing the receiver towards something known, but an outside vision helps with manifestation! Enjoy connection and clarity with your personalized reading, using not psychic abilities but rather YOUR energy or birth numbers! Check out online readings too!!!

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COACHING w/DEZI - Childhood Trauma & CPTSD Understanding

Need Help Understanding and Healing Childhood Trauma and CPTSD? Book a coaching session with me (Dezi) and: Understand your story and "why" you feel and function the way you do Learn to re-align your energy, nervous system, and emotional right/left brain processing Identify and assist to change the self-defeating behaviors that are working against you Deepen your emotional processing and intelligence (it's just within grasp) Advance your relationships by teaching you self-trust Help you form happier, healthier relationships you can be proud of Teach you daily practices that help you manage CPTSD triggers, stay true to your healing and help you manifest the life you've always wanted Please note, Dezi Golden is not a therapist, clinical professional, or a doctor. She's a survivor/thriver who learned how to heal Childhood CPTSD and processing issues! Dezi does online sessions nationally. Payment is required at time of appointmment and fees reflect a per session price.

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NUMEROLOGY - Personal Numerology Sessions

When you purchase a Numerology Session, you'll receive personal numerological information detailing the many aspects of you, your soul journey, and your purpose simply using the date and time of day you chose to come through. Our #1 Rated Numerology practitioners, highlight your strengths and weakness, as well as your Life Path Number, which describes why you are here in this life and your best options to fulfill it! We'll go in-depth to discover your greatest strengths/weaknesses and HOW you can work with your gifts and overcome your challenges to live your life to the fullest! In addition, and if time permits, your personal year cycles and your cycles of maturity are also calculated for you. These cycles can show you what options are available for you in the future. Find out more of who you are, what you’re here to do, and how to accomplish it! Sessions can be done in-person (in Las Cruces, NM), by facetime, phone, or through email. You receive a copy of your very own numerological makeup and information to go forward with. To perform the necessary numerological calculations, our practitioner requires your full name at birth (including middle) as well as your present full name, your birth date, and EXACT time of day you were born. To schedule your session, please book and purchase here. If you have questions first, feel free to text us (575) 386-0356 or (575) 932-9741 and we'll help you book your session or purchase a gift card/certificate for a loved one. Thank you for choosing Golden Healing Arts #1 Rated Services today.

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Intro COACHING CALL w/Dezi Golden

Need Help Understanding and Healing? Want to ask Dezi a few questions? Book a coaching call today.

$35.00 $35 · 30 minutes

Mindful Meditation Session w/Jordon

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Guided Meditation Sessions with Jordon are a way to learn and build a healthy habit of meditation that's best for you. Ask questions, learn techniques, and then design the best mindfulness practice thats both healing and peaceful.

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READINGS - Dream Deciphering (online, in-person, or sent to your cell phone)

Dreams & Nightmares are very important! We'll help you understand, with our research materials, what your mind and body are trying to convey to you. You'll be amazed at this thousand year old art! It's not a psychic's energy and your intuition wants you to know something. This is VERY important to your journey. Try us out.

$125.00 $125 · 1 hour

REIKI + MASSAGE Chakra Balancing & Clearing Session (90 Min)

Move your body energy along to a completely balanced state and keep your chakras aligned! Sessions include muscle testing, oils, singing bowls, fire, water, air, sound vibration, crystals, pendulums, sage, and whatever the body calls for to heal. This is a fully clothed, energy balancing session using various methods along with various interviewing techniques to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you. A client favorite! Great for BODY * MIND * SOUL alignment.

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Dezi Golden, Intimacy Coach* Reiki* Massage Instructor

Registered Massage Therapy Instructor Certified Intimacy Life Coach Shinpiden, Reiki Master Feng Shui Practitioner Tantra Mentor/Instructor Certified Angel & Tarot Card Reader Author