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Restorative Massage

Intuitive, Integrative Massage that Incorporates a Variety of Pressure and Techniques to Increase Circulation, Loosen Tight Muscles and Calm the Mind. (Available for Prenatal) *INCLUDES HOT TOWEL, AROMATHERAPY & CHROMOTHERAPY

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Custom Aromatherapy / Private Shopping

Enjoy a Private Shopping Experience With the Opportunity to Sample Products & Create Your Own Custom Aromatherapy. Sip Some Tea & Make Yourself at Home Without Interruptions. Try Out Yoga Props & Body Support Products In Order to Find the Right Fit for Your Strength and Flexibility Needs. Choose "CUSTOM AROMATHERAPY/PRIVATE SHOPPING" 30 MIN or 60 MIN for Product Sampling, Demos & to Craft Custom Aromatherapy.

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Spirit + Mind + Body Integration

(CAN BE ADDED TO ANY SESSION) Transitioning From a Massage to the Outside World Can Be Harsh. Allow Yourself Extra Time to Rest, Breathe and Find Your Center Before Running Off Into the Wild. When Your Bodywork Session Has Ended, the Therapist Will Leave the Treatment Room While You Rest. She Will Wake You When Integration is Complete.

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Quick Pickup & Gift Certificates

Book a Convenient Product Pickup Time. Choose "I KNOW WHAT I WANT" if you know what you are coming in for. Choose "PRODUCT PICKUP" to get your refills, custom orders & prepaid merchandise. Choose "BUY A GIFT CERTIFICATE" to purchase a tangible gift card. For electronic Gifts, the EGIFT link is at the bottom of this page.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve Pain from Trigger Points, Break Down Adhesions & Realign Deep Layers of Muscle & Connective Tissue. (Session Includes Warm Up Time to Relax the Body Before We Dig In. 90 Minutes is Best for Full Body. 30 and 60 Minutes are Great for Targeting Specific Areas of Tension). *INCLUDES HOT TOWEL, AROMATHERAPY & CHROMOTHERAPY

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Cupping Therapy

*IN ORDER TO PROPERLY ADDRESS CLIENT NEEDS, I OFFER CUPPING AS AN ADD-ON ONLY. BY FIRST EVALUATING THE BODY VIA MASSAGE, I CAN MORE EFFECTIVELY TARGET AREAS WHERE CUPPING WILL BE MOST BENEFICIAL. Suction and Negative Pressure Provided by Cupping Helps Loosen Muscles, Encourage Blood Flow and Sedate the Nervous System. Stationary Cupping Helps Pull Stagnant Blood and Sticky Proteins from Areas of Stress and Injury. Cupping Massage Stimulates Circulation & Lymph Flow to Help Eliminate Toxins and Smooth the Fascia to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite. Facial Cupping Enhances Your Appearance by Rejuvenating the Facial Tissues and Firming & Toning the Skin. Facial Cupping is Also Beneficial for TMJ Disorder, Migraines, Earaches, and Sinus Issues. Cupping is a Great Addition to any Massage. (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH LOW BLOOD PRESSURE, CARDIAC ISSUES or SEVERE SKIN CONDITIONS)

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CBD Application

(CAN BE ADDED TO ANY SESSION) This is a Focused Application of 100% Organic, Lab Tested, Premium Hemp Extract. The Oil is Placed Along the Spine and Other Areas Where CBD Receptors are Located. As it is Absorbed by the Skin, CBD Works With Your Body's Natural Cannabinoid Receptors to Help Reduce Pain and Inflammation, and Induce Calm.

$8 · 5 minutes

Jessica Phoenix

Jessica’s intuitive, healing hands have been helping people for over 20 years. In 2007, she attended massage school and began her professional career as a Massage Therapist, best known for her integrated relaxation techniques and deep tissue massage. While practicing massage, Jessica became increasingly interested in the transportive healing powers of aromatherapy. She began mixing her own aromatherapy oils and sprays for use with clients, and from these experiences, Lilac Moon Apothecary was born. In 2018, Jessica became certified in cupping therapy, and has been using it with clients ever since. She continues to receive positive feedback from each session, and is so grateful for the ability to share these ancient healing arts with you.