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Clintonville's oldest business, Columbus' oldest Barber Shop.
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Our Services

Haircut - 30 Min. - $2 discount with cash.
Haircut cut with clippers and/or shears. No hair longer than shoulder length. At least 10 minutes of Dave's uselessly rambling about himself included free of charge.
Kids Cut - 30 Min. - $2 discount with cash
All haircuts for clients under 12 years of age. This list includes chiefs, buddies, little shavers, curtain climbers, tricycle motors and all other references to children, that typical dads like Dave often use.
Senior Cut - 30 Min. - $2 discount with cash
All cuts for clients 65 and older. Dave is jealous of these particular clients because they are often retired, a status of employment Dave will probably never get to experience. Also, these clients are sometimes reluctant to use those, "computer things" so they probably aren't reading this stuff anyway.
Haircut & Beard Trim - 30 Min. $2 discount with cash
Dave used to take 40 minutes to do these two services, but clients decided that they wanted to spend less of their lives, tolerating his monotone voice. As long as you show up on time, he can spare you the extra misery. Oh, and he'll also cut some hair off your head and beard.
Beard Trim - 20 Min. - $2 discount with cash
Lumberjack and Civil War General worthy beard trims. These services are clippers only. No straight razors, jack knives, or sharpened axes are utilized. Those tools are quite difficult to sanitize and Dave is the lazy baby of five children.
Single Blade Buzz All Over - 20 Min. - $2 discount with cash
Two blade, one blade or smooth as a baby's bottom - this service is performed with the clipper blade of your choice. This cut is so easy take care of, you'll be able to comb your hair with a wash rag.
Two Haircuts - One Hour - $4 discount with cash.
The only thing that can test your resolve more than one haircut with Dave, is bringing someone with you. That's twice as many stories about his home town, his incredibly exaggerated stories about basketball accomplishments and his completely untrue stories about how many women he used to date. The cuts aren't bad though...

Our Staff

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