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Cosmetic Gynecology Appointment

As we age, out bodies go through changes affecting our feminine health. This can lead to loss of urine, loss of sensation, or intimacy. We offer several customized solutions to help with this problem, from the Oshot to non invasive or surgical vaginal reconstruction. Book a one on one private consultation with the doctor to discuss your options.

$150 · 1 hour

Botox, Juvederm Consult/ Service

After evaluation and planning, we can help you smooth wrinkles and give a more lifted, youthful appearance.

1 hour

Microneedeling with Hyaluranic Acid or PRP

Smooth deeper lines and wrinkles giving a more lifted appearance, great for acne scars and discoloration.

1 hour

Non invasive face lift and neck lift

After evaluation, we use painless radio frequency energy and ultrasound to smooth the face and neck giving a overall more lifted appearance. There is no downtime and offer same day service. We also offer package discounts.

1 hour

Waxing and Paraffin wax services

For eyebrow shaping, removing facial hair, legs underarm and the lip. We offer fully body as well as intimate body waxing services. Paraffin wax softens and moisturizes the hands and feet.

$50 · 30 minutes

Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion

An exfoliating procedure that removes dead skin cells and/or fine hair from the face. It imparts a brighter, more even complexion, minimizes acne and provides many anti-aging benefits to your skin.

30 minutes

PCA rejuvenating facial and professional skin peels

Restore, remove impurities and target problem areas. This can overall improve the condition of your skin. This is safe for all skin types, ethnicity and skin conditions. Offering the PCA Signature Facial, Oxygenating Facial, Teen Facial, Men's Deep Cleansing Skin Treatment, Sensi Peel, Ultra Peel and Body Peel Treatment

1 hour

Oshot Consultation

Your own Platelet rich plasma is extracted and place pain free in the vaginal area. This can help to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue, enhance orgasms and decrease urinary incontinence.

$150 · 1 hour

Biote Pellet Procedure/ Re pellet patient, Biote member

Easily book for your pelleting procedure here if your are an existing patient or coming back to be re-pelleted. Office visit is $150 if procedure is not being performed

30 minutes

B/12 Injection for energy and weight loss

After visiting the doctor, jumpstart your energy/weight loss goals with a B12 shot. It contains lipotrophins to enhance fat reduction and give you the boost that you need. Book online today. Package deals available.

15 minutes

BioTe/Hormone Consultation: New or Returning Consult Visit

As we age, decline in hormones can have a huge impact on how we feel and function in everyday life. Decline in energy/ stamina, weight gain and decreased libido can affect both Men and Women in different ways. Evaluation will start with consultation and blood work. Our goal is to give you back what your body is missing. We were voted best in hormone balancing in Ft Bend County for 2019 by Living Magazine, so please come visit us and see for yourself. Book your consultation today to see if this treatment is right for you.

Price Varies $150 · 1 hour

Skincare Consultation/ Service

Skin is our largest organ and it is important to nourish and protect it. Regular skin care facials and treatments can help tone the skin, defy aging and correct common problems. We offer multiple services from facials, skin peels, micro needling, Vampire face lifts, non invasive face lifts and neck lifts. We also added Ultherapy and Laser hair removal to our list of services. You will meet with the aesthetician for one on one consultation and customized treatment.

Price Varies · 1 hour

Body Contouring Consultation/ Session

As we age, we can gain weight around the abdomen/ thighs leading to change in our body image. Additionally with decrease in collagen/ elastin, we can have increased appearance of cellulite, creepy skin and loss of tone. Now, with combining the Vanquish and Exillis 360, you can tighten the skin, decrease inches and reduce fat from head to toe. This is non invasive and painless. Your treatment is customized leading to a more youthful appearance. Book your consultation today.

Price Varies · 1 hour

Weight Loss consultation

We were voted the best in Ft Bend County for 2019 Living magazine for our success with the clean start weight loss program. Choose a 6 or 12 week program that suites your needs. You will have one on one consultation for the program and steps to success.

Price Varies · 1 hour

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