Sophisticated, Modern Medicine to optimize Body, Mind and Soul.
Natalia Morrison's mission is simple: to support you in reaching a state of ease within your own skin.

Using the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Universal Law- Natalia guides people just like you through deep healing and personal awakening so that they can break free of pain and suffering.

Integrative Physician Natalia Morrison creates a uniquely patient-centered treatment, integrating the best of modern and ancient medicine. Designed to assist the client in healing and strengthen the body, calming the mind, and balancing the emotions.

Specializing in chronic and debilitating conditions: pain, autoimmune, and anxiety, depression
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Our Services

Discovery Consultation
Chat with Natalia Morrison, Integrative Physician, AP This Consultation is aimed at answering any questions you have about treatment, to see if we are the right fit to complement your healing process. Via Phone
Initial Health Consultation & Treatment
* For all new patients * Dive deep and commit to your wellness. In this initial health consultation, Natalia Morrison, A.P. will go over your goals, health history and provide a health and wellbeing diagnosis based on Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. she will create a treatment plan uniquely designed for you and provide your first treatment session.
360 ̊ Healing Experience - Align & Heal with your True Nature
A customized four month deep dive to healing, that aligns and optimizes your mind, body and soul. This program is uniquely customized to your goals and tailored to meet you where you’re at! I offer this service virtually and in-person. Bring your soul’s true nature into alignment with your body, mind and emotions, utilizing my 5-Step Consciousness Method: Step 1: Ease and strengthen the body. Step 2: Train the mind to stabilize, and begin to apply logic and knowledge. Step 3: Untangle emotional patterns. Step 4: Re-assess and tune-up the physical body. Step 5: Integrate your soul by exploring the life you want to create for yourself –– purely out of pleasure and joy! - - 13 private one-on-one sessions.
The Deep Body Healing Experience
This custom package is designed to target and heal a specific imbalance you want to break free from! Includes: An initial consultation A detailed diagnosis A customized treatment plan Follow-up sessions as needed Using my multidimensional approach to medicine, you’ll experience: Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Meditation Mindfulness and mind refocusing Movement therapy Conscious breathing and Pranayama Food healing and nutritional support Heat therapy (Moxibustion) Sound healing Color light healing Cupping * 10 sessions (mix and match your treatments once we create a recovery plan!)*
Acupuncture Therapy - Follow Up
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture - Follow Up
Non-invasive and gentle therapy for healthy aging and facial renewal.
Wellness Consultation Follow Up
Available: In-Office and Video Chat
Treatment may include: Color-Light & Sound Therapy, Herbal remedies, or Acupuncture depending on the child's age and presenting imbalances. Ages 1 to 11
Manual therapy to release the myofascia, improve blood circulation, reduce pain, aid in muscle recovery, improve flexibility, and remove toxins.
Private Yoga Therapy

Our Staff

Natalia Morrison, A.P.