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Lymphatic Drainage Post Liposuction, Cavitation, Cellulite reduction

New costumers please visit for instructions and how to find our clinic. Do not book this option if you have a voucher, book only the service for Groupon. Please read cancellation policy and restrictions for Vouchers. Thank you for understand.

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Massage: Deep tissue / Medical Massage, Sports Massage and Regular Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This service only includes Sports Masage, Deep Tissue, Massage-Medical Massage for pain relief. New costumers please read at our website indications about how to find us and how to get in. Do not book this service if you are paying with voucher use the Groupon voucher option instead. Thank you!

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IPL Scar removal / Photorejuvenation / Photofacial

This service is performed by Jesus. IPL uses a specific wavelength of light to fade the reddish discoloration of skin marks and also help to stimulate collagen to plump the skin. A series of IPL treatments can improve the appearance of pink or red stretch marks. Reduces scars and improves facial skin from acne, sun damage and other skin imperfections. Other places charge 300.00 up to 600.00 for one session, as introduction we charge only 100.00 per treatment this offer is for limited time.

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Groupon Voucher

ATTENTION!!! visit for indications in how to get in to the Clinic before your session. Please read cancellation policy. We are not performing different service as the voucher you got. If your voucher is for Cavitation+Lymphatic Drainage you get Cavitation+Lymphatic Drainage in one or two areas for skin tightening and fat loss, not any other service. Before booking be sure you are choosing the right option and the right therapist. If you have a voucher for Cavitation and you want Lymphatic Drainage massage for liposuction or just regular Lymphatic Drainage you have to pay the difference for the Lymphatic Drainage deal 15.00 extra. Only ONE VOUCHER per person, no exceptions. Groupon allows you to buy one extra, as gift, for different person... same rules apply. Thank you!

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Chakra Opening/ Kundalini energy awaken/Tantra massage

Service offered to women only. Full body massage, guided meditation, breathing excersices, Kundalini exercises for pelvic strength and Chakra opening using Tantra massage for emotional, spiritual and physical release. Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, menopause, menstrual cycle irregularities, cystitis, vulvodynia, low libido, pelvic pain, low energy levels, bring back inspiration unblock creativity and the ability to focus. Practiced for more than 5000 years as holistic healing tool.

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Bita (she will be back on Oct. 12th she had a family emergency)

Modalities offered -Sports massage. -Deep tissue massage. -Cupping. -Lymphatic Drainage after Liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries. -Ultrasonic Cavitation for weight loss and liposuction care.



Medical Massage Practitioner. Modalities offered -Sports massage. -Deep tissue massage. -Medical massage/Russian massage. -Lymphatic Drainage after Liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries. -Ultrasonic Cavitation for weight loss and liposuction care. -Gua Sha/ Scrapping -Cupping. -Tantra for women, Chakra opening.