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New Client Meeting

Discuss what may be required for the duration on contract

1 hour

Tax Return Individual (T1)

Personal T1 Tax Return completion. Price varies depending on complexity and number of dependents being claimed. Starts at $60.

1 hour

Year End Preparation

For Sole Proprietors who are not currently clients and would like to have a year end review completed prior to filing tax returns. This includes T4A's, T4's and T5018 Forms.

$45 · 1 hour

File Review

Meeting to discuss daily tasks such as accounts payable and accounts receivable data entry, account reconciliation and correspondence with Client regarding their account.

$40 · 1 hour

Tax Return Sole Proprietorship

Includes review of financials and creation of trial balance for review/filing.

1 hour 30 minutes

Tax Return Incorporation (T2)

Completion and Filing of E-File Return. Incorporation Return Only. This includes a Trail Balance review and communication with the client to ensure accuracy. This does not include data entry and bookkeeping to get the file up to date for filing

1 hour


Fiona Harmon