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Our Services

Come Lift Weights and Workout in VR
Come and get a great workout by lifting 5-15 lbs weights and moving into a full body workout with our famous VR Game experience: BeatSaber. AGE: 18+
Beat Saber Tournament
Come in and compete in a friendly competition by playing full body music rhythm game slashing blocks Winner gets FREE VR Play Ages: 7+
Travel with VR
Travel to Exotic destinations that you might have not been before without the hefty price of a vacation package. Travel to Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, Havana, Tokyo, San Francisco, Middle East, California All in one night. AGES 12+
Parents Travel while Kids learn job skills
Parents travel to see the Colossium, Rome-France, Paris-Hong Kong, China-Big Ban London Kids play Job Simulator games such as office worker, mechanic, chef, store clerk. Ages: 6+
Families Play Together in VR
Get the entire family by connecting together playing fun and competitive family fun games such as Loco Dojo and Mini Games. AGES: 6+
Couples Date Night
Couples enjoy competitive multiplayer games such as Loco Dojo where couples can work together to get clues. Couples also play Sam & Dan where they are flatmates where communication and teamwork are key.

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