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VIP Life Coaching Sessions 90 day program

Life is full of unexpected challenges and circumstances, and it can be hard to stay afloat in the midst of uncertainty. While we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can gain a greater sense of control, inner peace, and empowerment in the way we respond to the situations life throws our way. ​ With VIP Coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to accept your personal experience and life circumstances, and use the resources you have to gain a sense of control and truly tap into your extraordinary self. This session will provide you with: 1. A sense of clarity regarding what you want your life to look like and what experiences you most desire 2. An awareness of who, or what, may be depleting your energy 3. Effective tactics of prioritizing what is most important to you 4. Reframed thinking techniques and clear-cut plans for clearing out negativity in your life 5. The inspiration, awareness, and daily tools to start living your extraordinary life!

$1,497 · 50 minutes


Jennifer Anderson