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Discovery Center Visit

Enjoy a private visit to our Marine Animal Discovery Center and learn about Cape Cod marine life and the work we do at National Marine Life Center to rehabilitate seals and sea turtles. This registration grants you and up to 5 additional people access to our Discovery Center for up to 1 1/2 hours of fun and learning! Your visit includes up to 45 minutes of guided chats with an activity, plus up to 45 minutes of free exploration time. Masks are required for everyone over 3 years of age, and must be worn for the entirety of your visit. See amazing specimens like whale vertebrae, baleen, seal pelts, turtle skulls, and the tools we use in our Marine Animal Hospital. Engage with our BRAND NEW interactive display that details the life of Seals in the waters of Cape Cod! Hear an update about our current patients as you watch them receive care and get better on our TV Screens, broadcasting live from the Marine Animal Hospital. Finally, take part in a special activity of your choice! Choose from one or more of the following. Please write your choice in the "Appointment Notes" section! ~ Caring for Seal Pups: See a demonstration (using a stuffed animal) of how we tube feed a seal patient! ~ Sea Creature Craft: Make a seal, shark magnet, or sea turtle friend! ~ Saving Sea Turtles: Participate in a mock sea turtle exam (using a plastic model sea turtle)! For an extra $10, add an Ambassador Animal Encounter and enjoy a touch-free meet-and-greet with our resident box turtles! Your price is per group, and includes up to 6 people. Due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, we cannot accept larger groups at this time. Kindly include the names of the people in your group and the ages of any children in the "Appointment Notes" section. Names are required only in the event of contact tracing. Ages will help us plan your visit. Thank you!

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