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Our Services

Weight Loss
Whether you have some serious pounds to shed, or just need to clean up for the summertime, SciFit professionals will create an individualized program that’s perfect for you!
Fit 3D Body Scan
The technologically advanced Fit3D Body Scanner is designed to give the upmost specific body composition data, including body fat, muscle tissue, and symmetry.
DNA Testing
An in-office salivary swab is sent to a DNA lab to be decoded for predisposed genetic tendencies related to dietary intake and exercise techniques.
If you are wanting to eat clean to live a healthy life, or just want to impress that "mirror, mirror on the wall", SciFit has the nutrition program just for you.
Fitness Program
From weekend warriors to professional athletes, the SciFit team has the perfect fitness program to help you reach your maximum potential!
Nutritional intake and exercise guidance for the expecting, and the already here :)
Muscle Rejuvenator
Fitness Challenge
The SciFit Summer Fitness Challenge is a friendly competition for those wanting to improve their overall health and fitness. Points will be earned for each BF% lost, as well as for each pound of muscle gained. A winner will be selected in each of the Male and Female categories. Launch Party Date: Sat, July 13 Starting Scan Dates: July 15 - 19 Ending Scan Dates: Aug 26 - 30 Winners Announced: Aug 31

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