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$99 Special - 45 Minute Phone Session with Annie

Divine Spirit can get a lot done in 45 minutes, especially when the client is ready with their intentions and open to receiving Divine Grace, Wisdom and Help. Call Annie, 435 962-2663, at your allowed time. :) Annie channels Divine Light and your Divine Guardians to bring higher perspective and clarity. Explore past lives, learn about your Divine Guardians or animal totems, communicate with loved ones who have passed, get answers to medical questions or questions about your love life, or inquire about a pet, potential job or business development. Psychic and Medium readings bring empowerment, hope, healing, and grace to your life and help you best use your gifts and talents.

$99 · 45 minutes

1 Hour Psychic Medium or Healing Phone or Office Session

As an energy healer, certified as a Reiki Master, ThetaHealer, Medical Intuitive and Shaman, Annie is able to go beyond regular psychic and medium readings and heal at the source of the issue, release negative energies and beliefs, and heal that which is keeping you blocked from your hopes, dreams and happiness - if the client desires. For Higher Perspective, clarity and a plan to bring you back to center, back to balance, back to loving and being loved, book a session and get ready to have some fun! The healing begins when you book your session.

$150 · 1 hour

2 Hour Phone or Office Session

Sessions are by phone, unless stated otherwise. Office visits are not available if you have flown in the past week or you or your family are exhibiting any Covid symptoms. Masks required. As a Psychic Intuitive, Medium or channeler of Light, I am reading your heart or blueprint for this lifetime and past lifetimes—getting to the core of what is affecting you or your ability to realize your goals, hopes, dreams, and desires right now. I am a conduit of Divine here to help and bring healing so you can realize your dreams and possibilities. Healing is a co-creative process and I ask that you are open to receiving higher help and information; whether that is planting a seed of hope, knowing you are worthy, or creating the roadmap to your magical mystery tour. I am not here to 'fix you' or your life, that is your job, but I would love to help, heal and bring more Grace and Ease to your process. 2 Hours allows for both Divine Advising & Healing - if the chlent chooses.

$300 $300 · 2 hours

Reiki Classes - 2 Hours

As a Reiki Master, Annie teaches the Usui method and follows the strict guidelines of that method. However, each class is tailored to each individual student and their intuitive and healing gifts. Classes can be conducted over the phone and are usually scheduled in 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

$300 · 2 hours

Space Clearings - 2 Hours of Service + Commute

The 3 hour time frame allows for a local 2 hr clearing and a 1/2 hr commute.) $250/hr for Clearings $1/mile outside of Heber City. After scheduling online, text Annie your address and intentions, 435 962-2663. Clearings can also be done over the phone - depending on the issue. Changes/cancellations required 3 days in advance of clearing date or the full amount will be billed. Energetic land, home, office, and space clearings release negative energies in your physical and spiritual environments. Spaces hold energy just like we do, and past negative/stagnant energies need to be periodically cleared to allow for new beginnings or growth. Energetic space clearings remove unwanted entities or energies occupying your space, and send them into the Light. Clearings are beneficial when buying or selling a home, moving into a new apartment or office, or if you have been experiencing energy that is not yours or not beneficial to your highest and best self. Clearings cleanse and release negative energy to make way for your highest and best self and intentions. Buildings and the land hold the energy or trauma of those who inhabited the space before, so to clear both provides an amazing opportunity for healing, prosperity, and happiness for the current (and past) guardians of the space. For example, if there has been trauma with past inhabitants or the land, or souls which have not gone to the light, it will affect the current inhabitants. If not cleared, you and your family may even start to relive that trauma. Clearings heal at the core of the initial problem, so the current inhabitants and space are cleansed and any souls which have not passed over are able to go the light.

$500 · 3 hours

90 Minute Phone or Office Session

You can get a lot accomplished in 90 minutes, especailly when the client is open to receiving and dancing in Divine Light. Ask her anything you like, Annie Macdonald is an Energy Medicine Healer and Spiritual Advisor. She is gifted and certified as a Psychic and Medical Intuitive, Medium, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer and Strategic Business Consultant. Annie combines her Masters Degree in Leadership Management and over 20 years of building businesses with 17 years of practice (and lifetimes) in the Psychic Intuitive and Energetic Healing Arts. With over 10 Certifications in Energy Healing Medicine & Channeling Divine, Annie is a lifetime learner, constantly bringing her psychic gifts to the next level, and ALWAYS co-creating, channeling and healing with Divine Light.

$225 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Anne Macdonald