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In-Person Reading with Teressa Joubert

For the first half of your reading, Teressa will draw and explain your aura on many levels: health, personality, thinking style, emotions, relationship and more. A psychic reading will follow this, focusing on topics of: relationship, health, career, life purpose and family. For the last half of your reading, Teressa will focus on mediumship messages from physically deceased loved ones on the other side that are in spirit form. She is able to see them as they sit beside you. People in spirit telepathically communicate messages, feelings, images and sensations to Teressa to give you the experience of a real visit.♡ You are welcome to record your session on your cell phone's voice recorder. Teressa is able to channel specific loved ones on the other side. More time can be given in any area of focus if asked at the beginning of the reading.

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Emailed Reading: Psychic / Mediumship / Medical Intuitive

Are you curious what messages are trying to come through for you? Do you keep seeing 11:11 or repeated numbers on the clock? Or would you like to receive emotionally supportive messages from your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels? This reading involves Teressa focusing on specific areas of your life to focus on moving forward. If you have a specific question in mind, you are welcome to ask. Teressa will channel what guidance she feels is coming through from the other side. She can focus on: relationship, family, health, career, life purpose or finances. You will receive an email with an image of the cards she pulled and what that means for you in your life moving forward.

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Zoom Reading (Different Options Available) with Teressa Joubert

This reading is done over a Zoom Video Call. You will be sent a zoom link and password for your session. Reading options for this session include one or all of the following options (depending on how much time has been booked): * Mediumship (Get Messages from Specific Deceased People/Pets in Spirit) * Medical Intuitive Health Scan with Health Tools Given (drawing included) * Aura Drawing with Career / Life Purpose Guidance (drawing included) * Psychic Future Reading (career / life purpose / finances / relationship ) Your Zoom reading will be video and voice recorded. A link will be sent to you afterward for you to download. 😇

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Teressa Joubert