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30 minute meetings held at Apex Studio to discuss future project plans with artist/managers.

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1 Record and Mix

Recording of Musical Instruments and Vocals and Mix down of Musical Instruments and Vocals with leveling and some dynamics.

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2 Mastering

The post process in recording acoustic music is often referred to as mixing, as this process happens after recording the musicians. In electronic music the workflow is usually quite different, and in this context the term "post processing" would typically not refer to the actual mixing process but rather what is applied to the resulting mix-down.

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4 Graphic Design

Brand Imaging, Copywriting/Sales Copy, Television Commercials, Banners/Posters/Road Signs, Product Packaging, Business Cards/Menus/Brochures.

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5 Videography

Video editing and shooting of material.

$100 ยท 2 hours

8 Studio Setup

Installing of audio equipment and setup of software; at a customers location.

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Apex is the chief engineer of Apex Studio (North/South); he has a wide knowledge of recording techniques as well mixing and mastering practices. Specializing in engineering he produces music as well.