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Partial Highlight OR Lowlight

A partial highlight is defined as,foils placed thru the top region of the hair,and or around the face to achieve a lighter or darker look!

Starting at $60 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Women’s Shampoo, Cut & Style

Running low on shampoo, patience for your drab hairstyle or even the way you flatiron your hair the same way everyday? Then ladies this hour long cut shampoo and style is for you.

Starting at $23 · 1 hour

Perm w/cut and Styling

Starting at $65 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Womens Cut

This is just simply a dry hair cut, this does not include a wash and style. Perfect for that “lunch break” haircut.

Starting at $18 · 45 minutes

All Over Color

Your one simple color looking just simply drab all the way thru, or want an all together new color?! Then its time for an all over color! We’ll start with the roots and work out to your ends!!

Starting at $60 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Shampoo & Style

Some may refer to this as a shampoo and set? But this could actually be just a way to have some time to yourself. We will give you an invigorating shampoo to start and then style your hair to your choosing.

Starting at $20 · 1 hour

Mens Cut

This is simply a dry hair cut (shampoo can be added for an additional $3.00)

Starting at $18 · 30 minutes


Dependent on what kind of “curl” you are wanting I can use different techniques to achieve different Curl textures or patterns. If you have any questions or concerns please note that when booking and i would be more than happy to speak with you about it beforehand.

Starting at $55 · 2 hours

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair feeling dry, dull and lifeless. Come on in for a deeep conditioning treatment and add some life, luster and shine back into your hair!

$25+ $25 · 1 hour

Permanent Straightner

A service to chemically alter the natural pattern of your hair. The product that i use for this service will actually leave curl or we can pull the hair out to completely straight! We may even use this product to maintain/eliminate frizz. This service can be very versatile to accommodate you

Starting at $120 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Scalp Treatment

Battling a dry scalp? Then this service is for you. I have a special service to help remove dry, irritating flakes and rejuvenate the scalp back into health! Many of my clients find this helpful, especially during the dry winter months.

Starting at $25 · 45 minutes

Special Event Styling

Special event stylings are not your a-typical everyday style. I.e. if you are the bridesmaid in a wedding, quinceanera, holiday dances or even prom!

Starting at $45 · 1 hour

Men’s haircut,beard or mustache trim w/ shampoo

We will start you out with a haircut of your choosing. Then we will move right into manscaping that beard or mustache into a nice shape: yes gentlemen even a beard should have a shape! Then we will finish up the entire service with a shampoo, beard oil and a style; if you so choose #beardshow

2 Options

Hair Toning

Not quite ready for another color, but that blonde is looking brassy? Schedule a hair toning to brighten that blonde and get you thru!

Starting at $25 · 1 hour

Childs Haircut

3 Options

Eyebrow waxing

Simply waxing the eyebrows to the desired shape, if you need them trimmed down that is included as well. (Can also add other problematic areas of the face, at additional cost, see also waxing-2 and 3 areas) (Cosmetologists are legally only allowed to wax from the neck up)

3 Options

Shine Seal

Hair looking extremely dull? Let me put some shine back in it. This treatment seals in the shine for the long haul!! This can also be done in between color services,or simply to bring some shine to your already existing natural color.

Starting at $30 · 40 minutes

Base Touch Up (Roots Only)

$45+ $50 · 30 minutes

Base Touch Up W/Highlight OR Lowlight

$60+ $65 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Base Touch up w/Highlights+ Lowlights

This color consists of touching up your base color and adding in highlights and lowlights to achieve depth and demension throughout.

Starting at $80 · 3 hours

Bang Trim

Simply trimming and or refreshing the bangs

$10 · 30 minutes

Color Shine Seal

$25 · 45 minutes

Color Cap Highlights

Kicking it back old school, only if you want, pull through highlights just like we used to do them.

$60 · 2 hours 15 minutes


This service is very time consuming but oh so beautiful when finished! If you are looking for that lived in, sun kissed look this is your service!

Starting at $100 · 3 hours 30 minutes

FULL Lowlights AND Highlights

Get that perfect balance of light and dark together! Foiled for seamless blendability or a bold standout,whichever you choose!

$90 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Make-up Application

Standard Makeup- we use the brand Fenty. This foundation is one of the smoothest and widest color variate foundations to date( meaning to palest of pale to the darkest of dark skin tone wise can wear this foundation!) the rest of your makeup look will be tailored to your specifications and requests. We love inspiration pictures! Fake Lashes- no need to bring the lashes, we purchase the best in the biz. These can actually be reused several times. Airbrush makeup is a lighter than air option for a photo finish! Try this option for a gaurenteed all day wear! A fantastic option for wedding parties and brides alike. A consultation is required before hand feel free to contact me! (Additional On-site upcharges will apply)

3 Options


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