Passionate about learning & teaching Astrology + self compassion and compassion for others + bringing the stars & planets down to you in a tangible easy to use everyday way.
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Our Services

Individual Birth Chart Conversation
From your Birth Data (Birth Date + Birth Location + Birth Time) We talk about your character + your natural gifts to lean into + challenges to gain wisdom from. Including info about what’s going on now with the planets & how it’s impacting your Birth Chart. Dialogue Recorded
Dip Your Toes Birth Chart Conversation
A smaller commitment with Character Description + Potential Gifts + Challenges to learn from. Dialogue Recorded.
Follow-Up Conversation
After an Individual Chart conversation we dialogue about guidance specific to your needs. This can be Birthday Chart Reading (Solar Return Chart) + Year ahead + How the Eclipses of year Impact you + Questions you have with current life. Dialogue Recorded.
Multiple People Charts + Synastry
Friends or Family & how they interact with each other. Great awareness on yourself + your family members, partners, children, friends or co-workers. Using each persons Birth Chart to describe their character + how they impact your life and vice versa. If more than 2 people, please email or call to schedule because I will need more time allotted! $35 14 years old and under. $62 per person. Dialogue Recorded.
1 on 1 Astrology Education (add a friend for savings!)
A Personal opportunity to get the basics of Astrology. In person (Central Wisconsin Area) or thru Zoom Conference Call. You will learn the differences between the unique signs + the expressions of each planet + basic chart interpretations. Can accommodate to your previous Astrology Knowledge. Have a friend interested as well? Great deal by adding them to the 3 one hour sessions for total $197. Dialogue Recorded.
Astrology at your Party!
Entertainment through the stars & planets at you private party. I bring a lightness and excitement where ever I go. Basic astrology presentation + Basic birth chart info for each guest. Can accommodate to your party needs. Up to 13 people, if individual charts are being discussed.

Our Staff

Ashley Reed
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