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I grew up watching anime and drawing girls with bright colorful hair in the back of math class. Eventually I became a hair dresser so I can make my otaku dreams reality on beautiful people. My name is Christian Ariel and I would love to paint on you.
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Our Services

✨ New Guest Color Consultation ✨
If I haven't met you or your hair before, this is your first step. Consultation is complimentary, and I will then take a $50 deposit to reserve your date of choice. Please bring pictures, or anime, or whatever that inspired you, and narrow them down to 3.
SOS Consultation ‼️
You did your hair yourself and it went all the way south... Someone did your hair and it went all wrong. This is a consultation for a color correction. We will then book a date to fix your life.
Extensions Consultation
We will go over everything needed to provide you with Repunzel length hair. Book this consult first.
Blow Out To Go Out
Wash blow dry and style, so you can go out to Ybor after. ✨🌃💃🕺
Women’s Haircut
Cut. Wash. Style. With complimentary treatment.
Women’s Dry Cut
No wash, no style, just cut it dry.
Women's Pixie Cut
Short hair style on pretty ladies = A+
Bang Trim
Just cutting your bangs to maintain them.
Literally dusting off the ends. If you need your layers cut or want to change the style, book a full haircut. For all the ones that measure the tiniest amount with their fingers and say "this much... BUT NO MORE THAN THAT". I'll even just lie to you and say I cut it, but not cut it so you can think you got it cut. Just lemme know in the notes.
Men's Cut
Cut, wash, style for gentlemen.
Men's Edge Up
Quick edge up and cleaning up your neck line. No cut on top.
Hair Cut Design
Lines, shapes, eyebrow slits, etc. Have a picture to reference or let me do me.
Beard And/Or Brow Maintenance
Maintaining the beard shape, and edging up brows.
Party underneath. Add a Haircut Design to go with this one 👌🏼
Men’s Color
Guys color with no lightener involved.
Men’s Color Double Process
First we lighten, then we apply any color you want on top. Lemme know what color you want in the notes when you book it bruv.
All Over Color
Single color, roots too ends. Mini treatment and blowout included.
Base Retouch
Retouching your base with color, and masking those grays. ✨Mini treatment and blowout included. ✨
Silver Hair Transformation
My specialty and passion, most likely why you came to me -- elven hair transformations! Price includes all color materials needed. $90 per hour. ‼️ Consultation required. 💡 Olaplex strongly recommended. You will need this.
Hella Blonde
So you wanna start the process of going HELLA blonde, or just going damn near WHITE? We will lift it roots to ends. ✨ Toner, Olaplex+, and blowout included ✨
Base Lightener
Ideal for the blondies. Lightening your roots back up to blonde. ✨Includes toner and blowout✨ 💡 Hydrotriplex or Olaplex Treatment recommended 💦 ‼️ PS Don't let your roots grow too long -- it really makes it a little bit harder to match everything else that was previously lightened.
All Over Anime!
A full head of single color anime hair. Full head of lightener to get your hair to a blank canvas, then we paint it! ✨Blow out included.✨ 💡 Please write in the color you have in mind in the notes, and have a back up color in case. 💡If you'd like to add additional pops of color to it, add the additional color options.
All Over Anime Retouch!
Retouching your all over color! Lightening your base and adding back the color of your original choosing to freshen it up. ✨Blowout included✨ 💡 If you decided to add an additional color to your palette, add the "+1 Additional Anime Color" option with a note of what color you want.
Anime Color Melt
Root blend into balayage/ombré with a single color of anime color paint. ✨Blowout and mini treatment included.✨ ❗️Please write the color you're wanting in the notes. ‼️ If you want more than 1 color, click the 1, 2 or 3+ Additional Anime Color options.
Anime Color Melt Retouch
Retouching your balayage pattern with a single anime color overlay. ✨Blowout included.✨ 💡 Please write the color/colors you're wanting in the notes. 💡 If you'd like to add more than one color, please click the 1, 2 or 3+ Additional Anime Color options. ‼️ If you'd like to go lighter on the ends to change or brighten your color, please select the original Anime Color Melt option.
+1 Additional Anime Color
Let me know what it'll be in the notes!
+2 Additional Anime Colors
+3 or more Additional Anime Colors
Okay so you want a rainbow, got it. Let's do this. *turns baseball cap backwards*
Leaving your natural base, then lightening your hair in a sun kissed and natural highlighted pattern, all free hand painted. ✨Toner and blow out included.✨
Balayage Retouch
Leaving your natural base, but bringing up your balayage pattern. ✨Toner and blow out included.✨ 💡 Treatment suggested to replenish your thirsty hair.
Natural Color Melt
Root smudge then blending into balayage/ombré. ✨ Toner and blow-dry included ✨
Natural Color Melt Retouch
Just to refresh your root smudge and color. ✨Toner included, with mini treatment for your ends and a blow out ✨ ‼️ If you would like to go lighter on your ends, please select "natural color melt" option.
Extra Length/Thickness
You know if your hair is super thick and/or super long. Add this option please. This adds more time and another bowl of color that I need.
Toner Refresh
Dull, faded ends? Pick this one. Toner eliminates unwanted tones like yellow, orange, brass, etc. ✨
Color Buffer
Old color that needs buffing out? We may need to balance that out with a color wash; a low level lift that will maintain the integrity of your hair while gently removing unwanted tones. 💡 A treatment is recommend to go along with this. Add one.
Brazilian Blowout
-Eliminate all frizz -Smooth out hair cuticle. -Faster blow dry time. -Super shine. -Lock in color. -Improve hair health over time. -Make it lasts for up to 3 months. - Survive the Florida heat wave.
Men’s Brazilian Blowout
The Brazilian blowout but for gentlemen.
Special Feature
Just a streak or “accent” of color of your choice.
Both Olaplex No1 and No2 used. Healing treatments in your color and lightener, and in the bowl treatment. The ultra dose of hair protection and maintenance. The gold standard in hair repair.
HydraTriplex Treatment
Intense hydration and shine. Lasts for up to 2-4 weeks.
KeraTriplex Treatment
Smoothing and shine up to 80%, lasts for 2-4 weeks.
Lash Lift & Lash Tint
We make your lashes ~L I F T E D~ and tint them so you don't have to do them everyday.
Brow Tint
Match your color and your brows, unless you're tryna get weird with a mix and match.
Children's Haircut
Wash, cut and style for the younglings. Not teens.
Gift Cards
Emailed to you, call the salon after you purchase for further instructions. ✨

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