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​​​​​​​​​​​​At Seven Embers Healing my goal is to facilitate total wellness of the mind, body, and spirit with healing hands, a compassionate heart and intuitive mind. Reiki is a great treatment for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is used for everyday wellness. Reiki is not a cure for a disease or illness, but it may assist the body in creating an environment to facilitate healing. Reiki is a great tool to use as a complement to traditional medicine and is practiced in many hospitals and medical care settings.
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
11:00 AM - 5:30 PM
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Our Services

Intuitive Psychic Reading w/ Reiki Healing Session
Oracle cards are used during this session - I work with multiple decks to gain extra insight or validation, and on occasion a loved one in spirit might come through. Then after your reading spend time relaxing with a Reiki healing session. As an intuitive healer and spiritual communicator I am able to provide additional healing. This type of healing is all natural all angelic - providing guidance and assistance, in order to heal your personal situation(s) and internal wellness.
60 Minute - Reiki Healing Session
A 60-minute Reiki session that is customized specifically to your needs. Chakra balancing and clearing to align the body and re-energize. Healing your body's energy will have many beneficial effects that include relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, and also known to enhance one's recovery after surgery. And very beneficial in helping with side effects from medications.
Oracle Card / Intuitive Reading ONLY
Oracle card reading only. No energy healing services provided.
90 Minute - Reiki Healing Session
Enjoy a 90-minute Reiki session for a longer relaxed healing. Session includes same healing as in a 60-minute but includes essential oils therapy to enhance your treatment.
30-min Focused Reiki Treatment
This treatment is to provide patients with localized treatment to area(s) of the body recovering from surgery, or to aid healing while the patient is actively in physical therapy. This treatment is to localized area(s) and is not recommended for 1st time appointments.
Children 10 & under
Reiki is very beneficial for children, helping with anxiety, stress, digestive issues, learning disabilities, behavioral issues...any condition. Reiki promotes healthy growth.
Cancer Patient Rate
Offering low rate services to all cancer patients (must be able to provide proof of diagnosis). 30-Minute Reiki Session.
Cancer Patient Rate
Offering low rate services to all cancer patients (must be able to provide proof of diagnosis). 60-Minute Reiki Session.
ADD SERVICE - Crystal Therapy
Incorporating crystals into your healing to enhance your healing experience. Crystals naturally posses additional healing properties that work in conjunction with energy work. Crystal Therapy is safe, effective and has zero side effects.

Our Staff

Seven Embers Healing - Sandi Liscinsky
About Me - I am a Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive Energy Healer, a Usui, Holy Fire III, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher and Ordained Minister. My goal is to provide healing that will bring vitality and joy back into your life. Feel renewed. Need guidance - receive spiritual guidance on all aspects of your life (family, work, relationships) - lets connect.