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*If you haven't had a haircut in over 3 months please book under RE-STYLE to allow sufficient time. This is a standard haircut consisting of a clipper (#1, 2, 3, or 4) on the back and sides and scissor cut on top tailored to your desired style. Finished with a blow-dry and styled with product, cut throat blade on the back of the neck and a hot towel.

$38 · 30 minutes


Sides are faded from skin, a 0, or a 0.5, up into length on top. This includes a customised consultation, styling, product to compliment your style, a cut throat blade on edges, and hot towel.

$45 · 45 minutes


This is a service for scissor cut all over, going long to short, or if you haven't had a haircut in 3+ months. It includes a thorough consultation, styling, cut throat blade finish on edges, and a hot towel.

$45 · 45 minutes


One length clipper cut all over. Neck shaved with straight blade and service is finished with a hot towel. This service includes the Foil Shaver all over for a finish down to the skin.

$22 · 15 minutes

Clip (incl. a Fade)

Sides are faded up from skin, a grade 0, or 0.5 and the top is clippered on a single length. This service does not include any scissor work on top. Finished with the cut throat blade on edges, and a hot towel.

$35 · 30 minutes

Back & Sides

Back and sides are shortened with one length clipper. Blended up to the current length on top. Tapered around the ears and neck. Neck is shaved with cut throat blade. Finished with a hot towel and styled with product. *This service does NOT include any length off the top.

$30 · 20 minutes

Boys Cut (2yrs - 12yrs)

Boys aged under 12. Please note: Will incur $5 surcharge if a fade or re-style. Discounted if a clippers-only cut.

$30 · 25 minutes

Beard Shape

This service is designed for longer beards that need to be shaped by free-hand. Includes neck and cheeks shaped with a clipper and a hot towel finish. *Add 'Cut Throat Finish' as a service for a cut throat blade on neck + cheeks.

$26 · 20 minutes

Beard Clip

Beard is clippered on a single length. Edges are tapered and neck and cheeks are shaped up with a clipper. Finished with hot towel.

$15 · 10 minutes

Cut Throat Finish on Beard Services

Add this service to any beard clip or shape to have your neck and cheeks lathered up and shaved with a straight blade. Including hot/cold towels.

$10 · 10 minutes

Cut Throat Face Shave

Premium hot towel shave including 2 passes (once with the grain, and once across the grain). Luxe pre and post shave products used, as well as hot and cold towels. The ultimate pampering for men and a relaxing experience.

$40 · 30 minutes

Cut Throat Head Shave

Head is shaved with a straight blade, including hot/cold towels and a soap lather.

$38 · 25 minutes





Britt has been a barber for over 13 years, having started her trade on the South Coast of NSW, before cutting in Sydney City, Bondi Beach, Manchester U.K, Byron Bay, and now the Gold Coast. She is confident in and enjoys all aspects of barbering, including cut throat shaves, skin fades, and curly hair.