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Steamed Thai Herbal Ball Massage

$225 · 1 hour 20 minutes

Spring Brightening Sugar Scrub Treatment

$192 · 1 hour

Japanese Zen Facial Massage

$192 · 45 minutes

Japanese Zen Facial( 6 pack)

$960 · 45 minutes

Head, neck, back, shoulder and feet rejuvenation

$192 · 1 hour

Zen Peppermint Feet Renewal (reflexlogy)

$160 · 45 minutes

Abdominal Castor Pack Massage

$95 · 30 minutes

Goddess Aromatherapy Blissful Massage

This is a wonderful aromatic blissful, balancing massage. We use nice long massage strokes to bring pure relaxation along with zenful aromatherapy. You will leave the spa feeling like a renewed being.

$192 · 1 hour

Zen Deep Tissue Massage (80)

This massage focuses on deep layers of the muscle tissues. Includes isometric stretching, trigger point, and great overall deep pressure. This massage will remove toxins, blockage and increase mobility and flexibility. Great for anyone experiencing stagnation, tardiness, stress, lack of flexibility and muscle pain.

$213 · 1 hour 20 minutes

Deep Muscle Asian Massage

A deep muscle therapeutic massage using ancient Asian style techniques to remove stagnations, trigger points, muscle soreness and improves range of motion. This massage includes proprioceptive neuromuscular stretching. This session will leave you looking forward to your next session.

$192 · 1 hour

Reflexology Feet Rejuvenation (includes minerals salt scrub)

This treatment includes a Himalayan PINK Salt scrub followed by nourishing peppermint butter, followed by reflexology to rejuvenate tired feet. Great for anyone standing extensively i.e. nurses, doctors, massage therapist, law enforcement, sales, chefs, waiters and waitresses, or anyone with busy lifestyles. Your feet will feel at ease and renewed, which brings a sense of peace to your entire body. You'll be very pleased with this treatment. Can be added on to any treatment or as a stand alone treatment.

$95 · 30 minutes

Zen Spa Inn-Room Massage

A luxurious session customized with you in mind. A therapist will travel to your suite and set-up. You will be treated to a luxurious session of 90 minutes massage. This session will leave you feeling relaxed and centered all in the comfort of your own space. Your options for this session are: Aromatherapy Classic Massage, Deep Tissue or Classic Swedish.

2 Options

Zen Nurishing Body Scrub

A loving body scrub mix of rich Himalayan salt full of healing minerals, loving essential oils infused into skin loving nourishing body oils. Followed by a rich skin nourishing body butter. This treatment will leave your skin nourished, polished, softened and renewed.

$192 · 1 hour

Head, Neck, Back and Shoulder

This massage focuses on the upper body. It is customized pressure based on your needs. It is a quick way to experience rejuvenation of the body on a budget and time. This massage is infused with warm steamy towels and wonderful aromatherapy massage oils and healing lotion.

$160 · 45 minutes

Zen Classic Swedish (60 mins)

Beautiful, long balancing Swedish strokes on full body followed by steamy warm towels on feet to enhance a beautiful relaxing massage. This massage will leave you very relaxed and centered.

$145 · 1 hour

Mu-Xing Warm Bamboo Massage (80 mins)

$225 · 1 hour 20 minutes

TMJ treatment

Deep muscle of the inner and outer jaw, neck and shoulders, reflexology of bi-lateral ear, hands and feet. If you have any TMJ dysfunction this treatment is for you. You will feel the difference immediately.

$160 · 45 minutes


Sharon Williams

LMBT 10165 World Class NC State and Board Certified Massage Body Therapist.